AI and Gamification Meets Healthcare


Wellchain, a revolutionary mobile super app that is changing healthcare coordination through artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, designed to simplify care coordination. This software as a service (SaaS) utilizes blockchain technology and offers a number of features such as telemedicine, team communications, remote monitoring, scheduling, alerts, reports, reminders and self-tasking functions.

The app comes in two versions – one for caregivers and one for patients – both of which can be easily integrated on the backend. Among the innovations, I’d note the ability to quantify care by assigning a severity score to a patient and tracking their progress or deterioration with a Change of Condition Index. 

Wellchain believes that the future lies in decentralization, including a segmented Internet and file storage. The project is backed by one of the industry’s leading startup platforms,, and has partnered with’s leading infrastructure engineers.

Through the project’s features, actionable information can be provided to healthcare providers, helping to improve resource allocation and institutional efficiency. The app is designed for patients, hospitals, and healthcare providers. 

Wellchain aims to reduce healthcare costs by improving care coordination and incentivizing patient compliance through gamification. Wellchain will save at least 15% of healthcare costs globally (equating to $1.2 trillion annually) and improve patient outcomes by 15%.

The value of a Wellchain token is directly related to the production (success) of the company. If a company is successful, 10% of all tokens are burned, resulting in low supply and high demand. Token holders can also vote on important decisions including project funding, token utility expansion, and governance rules.

Active membership in the community is rewarded with WELLCHAIN tokens through a giveaway, which is 5% of the tokens. Patients receive attractive incentives (paid by the payer) for adhering to a certain treatment plan, and still incentivizes patient compliance while promoting active community participation.

The blockchain uses customized NFTs to easily and efficiently track compliance. NFTs are matched monthly with paper rewards based on the level of compliance. Wellchain has pioneered the use of NFTs as a revolutionary incentive mechanism. 

On the site, patients can gamify their journey by participating in contests and competitions using NFTs, incentivizing healthy habits and a sense of accomplishment. Patients are rewarded for active participation and adherence to treatment plans. 

These unique digital assets act as tangible proof of a patient’s commitment to their health, which they can exchange for fiat money. By gamifying healthcare with NFT incentives, Wellchain not only motivates patients, but also establishes a direct link between compliance and valuable rewards.

The team commits to: continuously improve the functionality and utility of the token, expand the appeal and utility of the token globally, and regularly disclose the progress of funded projects and their overall impact.

The WELLCHAIN token is a native token of the Wellchain ecosystem, WELLCHAIN serves a dual purpose in the ecosystem, acting as both a utility token and a management token. This versatility of the WELLCHAIN token contributes to the smooth operation and growth of the Wellchain platform.

Oh, and right now you can get a 50% discount before it’s too late! This is an exclusive whitelisting bonus. To whitelist, send an email with your government-issued ID to the project. Pre-sale of the WELLCHAIN token has started and runs through the end of May.

So with this project you can not only get rewards, but also be healthy to make even more money on the crypto market! With Wellchain you will have iron health and a big bank account!