AidiVerse Review: A Decentralized Ecosystem with Various Utilities and Crypto assets


As the world eagerly investigates the vast potential of blockchain technology, there is an increase in the number of initiatives looking into its uses. 

In this regard, Aidi Finance has launched a new venture that attempts to bring together a diverse product range in a blockchain-based system. Today, we will analyze the key elements and benefits of the AidiVerse project. This review offers you all the information you need to know, even though the project’s development is still underway. We will continue to stay up-to-date on this project for any further developments.

What is AidiVerse?

AidiVerse is an Aidi Finance crypto asset and utility ecosystem that incorporates everything DeFi. From Gaming to NFTs to education to charity to community development, this universe aims to provide its users with a comprehensive DeFi package complete with various solutions and utilities. This project was launched in 2021 but has made tremendous progress so far. Below are the different components of the AidiVerse Ecosystem.


AidiSWAP refers to a decentralized exchange platform (DEX) from Aidi Finance that enables anyone to trade BEP-20 and ERC-20 assets quickly. If you are conversant with trading currencies on the Ethereum network, you know that such activities often incur significant gas prices and take a long time to complete.

AidiSWAP, as the project’s creators describe it, “helps traders to conduct peer-to-peer trading activities.” Basically, this eliminates the need to rely on a third party to function as an intermediary, allowing for the launch of a new DeFi solution.


AidiCRAFT is AidiVerse’s NFT marketplace that connects creators, artists, and NFT collectors. Users can design their own NFTs, sell them, or buy from others to add to their collections. Above all, the whole environment is designed to be user-friendly for novice and experienced NFT aficionados. 

The creators want to create a devoted and rapidly developing NFT community using AidiCRAFT. When members trade on the marketplace, they will earn $Verse, AidiCRAFT’s primary utility and governance token. 

In addition, $VERSE holders with more than 500 coins are eligible for $ETH incentives. AidiCRAFT will let NFT holders sell their assets using $VERSE, USDT, $WETH, and $ETH in a fixed price auction.


AidiVerse plans to build a decentralized and global gaming platform by the close of 2022. AidiPLAYFI will be made up of numerous games that will use all of the current breakthroughs in blockchain-based P2E gaming and GameFi. Third-party games will also be available on the platform. AidiPLAYFI will be accessible using the $AIDI utility token. They will also use it when trading for in-game products in the form of NFTs. Having $AIDI grants you governance privileges over the entire system, including new game developments, voting rights on future advancements, and so on.


AidiConnect is tracking software for ecosystem assets. All of a user’s AidiVerse digital assets may be controlled from one place. Users may track the performance of their assets with rewards and daily price updates. AidiConnect helps users manage their cryptocurrency assets and get a thorough breakdown of Automated Reward Farming (ARF) payouts.

Furthermore, AidiConnect will notify the community about future events, popular NFT collections, developer updates, popular merchandise collections, and game releases, among other things.


AidiGARAGE is a site dedicated to selling AidiVerse products. The platform has several product categories. Some include caps, hoodies, mugs, t-shirts, and stationery. There will also be a customization section where users can incorporate the AidiVerse design and logo on various other items.

Note that proceeds from this sale will be distributed equally between charitable causes, ecosystem development operations, marketing wallet, and increasing the project’s liquidity pool.


AidiVerse operates using two tokens; $AIDI and $VERSE. The following is a detailed review of their roles within the ecosystem.

$AIDI (BEP-20 and ERC-20)

$AIDI is a store-of-value coin that uses an automated reward farming (ARF) technique. It was released on both the Binance and Ethereum blockchains. As previously stated, users must utilize $AIDI as their primary utility currency to access the AidiPLAYFI platform.

The system works as follows, with a total sum of 100 quadrillion tokens:

  • On the day of the $AIDI launch, 50% of the tokens were instantly burned (i.e., delivered to a “dead” wallet); 
  • 45% of the coins are accessible as DEX liquidity; 
  • The remaining 5% is reserved for team and development.

Every $AIDI transaction is subject to a 2% transaction tax, split between token holder reflections (1%) and automated burning operations (1%).


According to the project’s developers, $VERSE was created as a reward and utility token on AidiCRAFT, as well as a mechanism to further increase the value of $AIDI  ETH. In actuality, a 10% charge applies on each $VERSE transaction, which is distributed as follows:

  • $AIDI ETH tokens are automatically repurchased and burned (3% )
  • If you have more than 500 $VERSE, you will get ETH incentives (4%) 
  • The $VERSE team, charity, and marketing operations (3%)

It is vital to note that the coin has an “anti-dump” mechanism that raises the charge on significant sales efforts to 20%.

Advantages of Using AidiVerse

Aidiverse aims to make blockchain adoption easier in a variety of ways. They include:


The network has an easy-to-use interface that guides new users through the protocol’s capabilities and services. Furthermore, the Aidiverse community is a very engaging group that includes seasoned developers and newcomers to the crypto sector. In case of any inquiries, the community is readily available to engage and provide valuable insights to new users.

Aidiverse’s feature set allows anybody to safeguard returns, develop new digital assets, and exchange various crypto in a peer-to-peer environment. Users may enjoy a private DeFi experience on the network. There are no KYC or anti-money laundering (AML) criteria to satisfy. To receive immediate access to the network’s services, simply link your wallet.


Another benefit of Aidiverse is that it operates as a store of value. At its essence, the protocol is designed to be deflationary. To do this, the software sets aside 1% of all fees to be burned automatically. This technique serves to lower the supply of AIDI tokens while increasing demand. The developers submitted 50 % of the total tokens for burning following the crowd sale campaign.

Ability to Earn a Passive Income

Aidiverse offers a variety of options for accumulating riches. By merely holding the token, users can generate passive revenue. The mechanism redistributes 1% of all transaction fees to ETH, AIDI, and BSC tokens holders. Take note that the network has burned nine quadrillion tokens so far.

You may also farm your coins for rewards without relinquishing control of your assets. In addition, because your incentives are available in AIDI automatically, you may keep your tokens in your non-custodial wallet. As a general rule, holding more tokens translates into a greater reflection.

AidiVerse Roadmap

AidiVerse envisions the execution of two more concepts, in addition to the items already listed – which are now under development:

AidiPAD: envisioned as a revolutionary IDO Launchpad, AidiPAD should promote the collaborative expansion of gamers and developers groups with some degree of interactivity. It will also help game developers create games directly on AidiPLAYFI.

AidiKIDZ: The platform aims to provide crypto-financial education to children. They will learn about the basics of finance, blockchain, and other related topics.

Final Thoughts on AidiVerse

The AidiVerse project portrays itself as a collection of efforts to use blockchain to improve various elements of our everyday life. On Twitter and Telegram, the project has an active following, and anybody interested in learning more about the project can join these online forums.