AQX Gets Presto Labs Support in Launching its New Project


AQX is a new crypto exchange planning to enter the market. Its team has recently announced the official opening of its platform in mid-May, and investors should keep an eye on this new product.

Presto Labs is an early backer of the project, and the AQX project is also catching the interest of popular VCs and partners. We can expect to see more partnerships announcements from AQX in the coming weeks.

Introducing AQX Exchange

The founding team explained that the acronym AQX stands for “Access, Quality, and Xtraordinary,”. “Access” indicates the accessibility to the DeFi world, “Quality” summarizes the 24/7 customer service, world-class security, and professional trading functionalities, while “Xtraordinary” describes the AQX team which has experience in the crypto and traditional finance industry.

AQX aims to address the following issues:

1.    The lack of adequate risk protection for users. Users may find themselves in highly leveraged positions without adequate capital protection.

2.    The lack of liquidity in most new exchanges. New exchanges frequently experience a lack of liquidity.

3.    Users are unable to fully maximize the use of their DeFi assets. Users’ locked assets cannot be fully utilized.

AQX was built primarily to solve these issues which the team believes are preventing the industry from truly going mainstream.

As users themselves, the AQX team understands the importance of risk protection especially if leverage is used. That is why AQX has developed its own unique liquidation system to protect users from market risks and threats.

AQX is backed by Presto Labs – a leading liquidity provider to crypto exchanges in the world – to ensure liquidity on its platform. Further details on Presto Labs can be found below.

As for allowing users to fully maximize the use of their DeFi assets, AQX introduces a multi-collateralized wallet that gives users options to increase the efficiency of the capital.

AQX is able to bring these concepts to fully functional features because of its world-class team. Its team hails from some of the world’s most renowned institutions including MIT, KAIST, NUS and SNU. From blockchain engineering to institutional sales to product management, this team has also a wide range of expertise working with some of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

AQX Is Launching Soon

AQX is getting ready for its official launch in Mid May. Users can expect to have the partial liquidation system, high liquidity and tight market spreads, multi-collateralized wallets and more available on the AQX platform from day one.

About Presto Labs

Established in Singapore in 2014,Presto Labs is a global quantitative trading startup. The team creates algorithmic decision procedures in order to achieve what no human trader could ever do in today’s fast-changing and extremely complicated financial market.

Understanding Presto Labs is fundamental to evaluating the AQX project. Presto Labs has a daily average trading volume of over $3 billion, reaching $1,100 billion in trading activities last year. To give some context, Presto Traders is ranked Top 10 in FTX’s Top 100 Traders by 30-Day Maker Volume leaderboard.

About AQX

AQX is the crypto gateway for retail traders and institutions. It offers participants an all-in-one platform to buy, sell, trade, and learn about crypto.

At its core, AQX is a cryptocurrency exchange, and the company leads the industry with a combination of unrivaled engineering excellence, world-class security, and superior trading features to provide investors with comprehensive services to manage their digital assets portfolios.

You can find out more about AQX on itsofficial website and the social media channels listed below.

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