BabyMusk Coin Launches, As It Aims To Be The Next Big MEME Coin


BabyMusk Coin team is happy to announce its launch, as it aims to replicate the success of major MEME Coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the “Baby” coins aims to set the next big trend for meme-coins for the first quarter of 2022. Not only Baby coins are a cuter version of the animal coins that used to be very popular back in the years, but they also all have one very peculiar utility: for users they will reward them with more popular coins like BNB, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc. With Baby Doge leading the Baby coins basket, it is widely recognized that one of these tokens will be the next meme-coin to replicate the Dogecoin and Shiba Inu path to the top 10. Top Features Of Baby Musk CoinMusic VideoNo meme-coin, let alone Baby coin has ever been so hilarious. For how cute and potentially viral the other Baby coins are, Baby Musk Coin is the first and only one that launched a viral dance. It’s called Baby Musk Dance and has over 150k views on YouTube. Videos of babies dancing to it are all over the internet: BTC RewardsBaby Musk Coin users will not be rewarded with a regular coin, they will be rewarded with the king of the blockchain: BTC. BEP-20 BTC tokens can easily be deposited to Binance. Or be used to buy back Baby Musk coin.Fair LaunchBaby Musk coin has gone through a successful ICO in their portal and is now running a Fair Launch. Fair launches are the most transparent way to launch cryptocurrencies to date: liquidity is locked automatically right after the listing and token distribution is also automated by the platform: Listed on Coin Market Cap before launchAlthough Baby Musk coin is still at its pre-launch phase, it was already listed on CoinMarketCap. Baby Musk Index FundThe Baby Musk team has developed a completely decentralized index fund for cryptocurrencies: Baby Musk SwapBaby Musk swap is trying to simplify DeFi in order to make it accessible for new crypto enthusiasts. Each swap, stake and farm will be as easy to understand as downloading an app.Baby Musk WalletBaby Musk wallet is the only wallet that will seamlessly integrate with the Baby Musk Swap and ETF.Huge organic community built in one monthIn less than one month, Baby Musk has already seen some of the most impressive numbers in the Baby coins communities. More than 60,000 Telegram members, 40,000 Twitter followers and 155,000 YouTube subscribers are engaging day by day with the project.Twitter: YouTube: Telegram Group: Telegram Channel: Discord: Media DetailsCompany Name: Baby Musk CoinEmail: Website: