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The BNBRagnarok team announced its project, considered the first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) play-to-earn project on the BNB Chain where players can take advantage of its three earning types to monetize their skills. 

The team allows players earn 398.295% for holding the token and upto 0.6 BNB for playing the game with 5% rewards for the referral.

About BNBRagnarok

As a player, the team allows you to venture into its world where you’ll battle against a host of monsters and challenge other players weekly to enable you to earn massively in BNB. Players can assume any of the variety of characters on the platform.

You can put your sword skills to use as a swordsman or get paid for eliminating opponents as an assassin. If you have great hunting skills, you can be a hunter. Other characters are Mage, Archer, Thief, Merchant, Wizard, Priest, Knight, and Blacksmith.

BNBRagnarok Features

  • NFT     Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace is a free marketplace where players can sell or buy NFTs at their convenience. That enables them to make some profit as they have access to a platform with unlimited access to NFTs to trade. 

  • Play     to Earn

The play-to-earn feature allows players to earn BNB by performing some challenges such as completing quests, killing mobs, and staking.


Besides battling some tough mobs, the PVP/PVE feature allows you to test your skills against your friends to earn some bragging rights and BNB.

  • Refine     Equipment

The team also ensures that players aren’t using blunt tools. Rather, it offers them an equipment refining system where they can strengthen their shields and sharpen their tools such as swords. With the sharpened tools, they are better equipped to face the mobs and their peers while fighting for a reward.


The in-game currency is $ZENY. It is a multipurpose coin for creating characters, exchanging, as well trading.

It has a total circulation supply of 325,000 and 10% is dedicated to staking and play to earn.

The team defined $ZENY as “a BEP-20 token that rewards its holders with automatic passive interest payments every 15 minutes over a lifespan of 5 years until the maximum supply of 100,000,000 tokens has been reached.”


The BNBRagnarok team has partnered with many powerful stakeholders in the cryptocurrency space such as PinkSale, CoinGecko, Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, CoinMarketCap, Token Pocket, and Binance Chain.

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