launches fast track investing in the Chinese Stock Market


The Chinese stock markets has historically only been available to Chinese citizens and a limited number of qualified investment institutions. Being bullish in nature it has attracted an increasing number of global investors. These global investors are however bounded by geographical restrictions and costly fees when they invest in the Chinese Stock Market. recognizes the struggles these global investors are facing. Thus offering China A-shares Crypto invest making the Chinese Stock Market accessible to such international investors. The system performs in-depth analysis using techniques such as neural network, deep learning, and Monte Carlo tree search to accurately select the winning stocks.

What Are A-Shares?

Commonly considered as an indicator of the Chinese Economy. A-Shares are China’s domestic stocks traded in Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock exchanges, quoted in RMB.

Why A-Shares?

Growth – China A-shares are substantially under-represented in the MSCI Emerging Market Index.

Diversification – Help investors add portfolio diversification through the faster growing sectors of China’s “New Economy”.

China’s economy – China became first major economy to recover from Covid-19 pandemic and its economy is roaring back much faster than others.

How you can benefit from’s China A-Shares Crypto invest?

Fuss Free – No brokerage account and RMB accounts required. All you need is Crypto and your BDAI account.

Borderless – Invest in the 2nd largest and fastest growing economy.

Affordable – No costly brokerage fees and transaction fees.

About China A-Shares Crypto Invest.

BDAI’s revolutionary system is managed by QZ Asset Management listed on SZ Qianhai Equity Exchange and their aim is to provide users with a broad market exposure at minimal cost and portfolio turnover, seeking to match market risks and returns with stock picks We work like your personal fund portfolio manager by strategically selecting securities of the highest quality and earning potential to invest in for you.

Note: Trading hours for the 3 tokens are: 9:30 am- 11:30 am and 1:00pm – 3:00pm (GMT+8 Beijing time zone)