BFMeta hits $1B valuation finalizing a Pre-A investment round led by a famous UK-based investment bank


, a metaverse public chain, completed its pre-A investment round achieving a $1B valuation. Initiated by the Singapore-based Future Development Metaverse Foundation (FDMF), BFMeta is based on Biofest Chain, an open-source mobile blockchain operating system created to support the development and adoption of Web3. The platform employs a secure and efficient consensus algorithm, which conserves energy and provides distributed storage, distributed computing, and native cross-chain functionalities.

Following seven years of development, BFMeta has made significant progress in supporting the development of the Metaverse ecosystem by advancing the fundamental building blocks of the blockchain. The latest round of financing will be utilized for continuous research and development at the BFMeta lab, as well as establishing a global developer community for BFMeta. With a secure, efficient, and highly scalable consensus protocol, along with native cross-chain, distributed storage, and distributed computing capabilities, BF Meta commits to spearhead the development and use of Web3 mobile applications.

BFMeta remains steadfast in its dedication to technological innovation and providing a strong foundation for the digital economy of the future,” commented George F. Smoot, Honorary Chairman and Chief Scientist of the BFMeta Global Technology Ecology Committee and Nobel laureate in Physics (2006).

Up-to-date, BFMeta has developed a complete and independent evolution chain operation structure, offering cross-chain digital asset interoperability and cross-chain asset trading. They are one of the first to extend the application scope of blockchain to mobile terminals, enabling on-chain voting governance, an ultra-light storage, and a BNRTC network mechanism that supports mobile network communication.

Barry C. Barish, Honorary Co-Chairman and Chief Scientist of the BFMeta Global Technology Ecology Committee, Nobel laureate in Physics (2017) added: “I am confident that this partnership will drive BFMeta to provide cutting-edge technology and innovative products to the world, ultimately leading to a remarkable impact on the new era of the digital economy.” BFMeta remains dedicated to providing developers with everything they need to build, test, develop and run dApps/dWeb applications.

About BFMeta

BFMeta is a secure, efficient, and highly scalable consensus protocol that combines native cross-chain, distributed storage, and distributed computing functions to provide support for the development and experience of Web3 and metaverse applications.

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