BGI Studios Celebrates Black and Brown Women With Black Queen NFT Set


Barbados Group International Studios (BGI), which helps individuals and brands bring their NFT visions to life, partnered with mixed-race entrepreneur Allie Walker and launched a set of 10,000 Black Queen NFTs in honor of Black women worldwide. The goal, the company says, was to showcase that all Black women, regardless of their skin tone, shape, or size, are queens.  The announcement comes as efforts to promote diversity increase in society. School systems are incorporating more programs that delve into African American history as well as the roles that other races and cultures have played in the country’s growth. Businesses are implementing additional initiatives to foster inclusion among their employees, and movies and television programs are beginning to cast more people of color in roles. At the same time, BGI says, the use of NFTs is being innovated by multiple industries as its potential is discovered. “It was the perfect time for us to release the Black Queen NFT set,” the company states. “With the increased interest in diversity as well as this amazing technology, we had a great opportunity to showcase an innovative product that would resonate around the world with people who love diversity and believe in the power of Black women.” The Black Queen NFT set is based on “Keisha,” an ultra-realistic, powerful woman who is A.I. generated. The name, BGI explains, honors a team member’s wife who passed away from cancer as well as women from all walks of life who are working to break color barriers and increase diversity and inclusion.  “‘Keisha’ was created by combining randomized facial features of a million black women,” the company says. “She represents Black females from around the globe. ‘Keisha’ was used as a base image for Allie to create jewelry, hairstyles, makeup, and clothing. The themes are just as diverse and include Zodiac Queens, Natural Queens, Butterfly Queens, and more.” BGI says that each week, Black Queens focuses on black women who exemplify excellence. “We spotlight Black women from all industries, including sports, entertainment, politics, and education,” it states. “We promote their efforts online and on the Black Queens podcast.” BGI hopes that the Black Queen NFTs signal that all Black women are beautiful and queens and that they are more than worthy of respect. The company says, “We want the Black Queen NFTs to inspire more women to love themselves and to work to bring down barriers so that racism is one day eliminated.” The Black Queen NFTs were created by Allie Walker, a Maryland native who has experienced racism and sexism and is now on a mission to help the world become more equitable for everyone. Allie is a marketing agency owner and realtor and sits on Florida State University's Steering Committee.  Barbados Group International Studios develops, mints, and launches digital art. Its teams of designers have experience in web development, graphic design, and technology. The company focuses on empowering Black & Brown people in the NFT space. For more information please see or or contact: Kat Nazario 932-6220