BioMatrix Revealed as the Surprising Contender at TOKEN2049: Launches Beta App to Redefine Inclusive Finance via Universal Basic Income


In the wake of the prestigious global fintech summit TOKEN2049 in Dubai, the innovative tech company BioMatrix leveraged this prime moment to host the side event "Web3 for Everyone." The launch gathered tech aficionados, leading project heads, journalists, and investors from across the world, who together witnessed to the release of BioMatrix's mobile app Beta version. The company encouraged early-stage public participation and feedback to cohesively refine and advance the product. This BioMatrix app is the principal portal into its revolutionary ecosystems, "BioPass" and "Proof of You (PoY) token," epitomizing the company's mission to craft a more inclusive and sustainable future worldwide, where digital financial benefits are accessible to all.

BioMatrix's ecosystem is at the forefront of innovation, combining blockchain with artificial intelligence to shape the future of digital transactions. These advanced platforms pave the way for a fair, open, and streamlined digital economy. This app's launch marks more than a new product; it embodies BioMatrix's commitment to fostering social good and creating a more connected, accessible digital world.


BioMatrix envisions a world where technological advancements do more than drive commercial success. The company weaves compassion and social responsibility into every stage of innovation, aiming to create a fairer and more equitable society. Committed to societal welfare, BioMatrix consistently seeks out ways for technology to serve people better, irrespective of their socioeconomic status.


The event in Dubai marked a significant step for BioMatrix onto the global scene. The company showcased its strength and vision in tech innovation, encouraging a wider group of partners and users to embrace the web 3.0 digital revolution. As an innovator, BioMatrix welcomes partnerships to build a prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable digital world. At the launch, BioMatrix CEO Alex stressed that the core of innovation is to simplify life and protect personal value, a principle at the heart of BioMatrix's approach to product development.

The beta version of BioMatrix's leading product is now up for downloads on Google Play and the App Store. This launch is more than just a product debut; it's a venture into the future of digital living. BioMatrix is committed to integrating technology with human-centric values, constantly bringing fresh, innovative experiences to people around the globe. Following this successful event, they look forward to seeing BioMatrix chart new courses in the digital age, leading to exciting changes and advancements.

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