BitcoinVision officially releases its ecosystem and attractive open sale program


What is needed to make the investment environment better? The answer is to choose a smart investment channel. Here, a newly launched, extremely potential project called: BitcoinVisionVISION & MISSIONBVS' goals are to promote BitcoinVision's widespread use around the world, to empower unbanked people to use BitcoinVision to build wealth for themselves and their families, to establish BitcoinVision as the leading cryptocurrency in emerging markets, and to make BitcoinVision accessible and usable for everyday transactions.Bitcoin Vision solves the shortcomings by incorporating new technological upgrades that alleviate the high transaction price and sluggish confirmations associated with Bitcoin.What distinguishes BitcoinVision from other Blockchain platforms?BitcoinVision transactions are extremely rapid due to the use of the POS consensus method. This transaction capacity has a direct impact on BitcoinVision's buzz and future position in the cryptocurrency market, allowing the network to revolutionize online media.By raising the total quantity of BVS and decreasing the price, BitcoinVision helps the problem of pricey Bitcoin. BitcoinVision is perfectly suited for daily transactions due to its cheap transaction costs, secure and private blockchain, and reasonable coin prices.The method of segregating signatures from transaction data in a Bitcoin transaction is known as segregated witness (SegWit). SegWit introduces a new structure known as a witness, which is committed to blocks independently of the merkle tree that stores transactions.Bitcoinvision StoryAs a result, the Bitcoinvision team will concentrate on these platforms that have increased in the crypto market cap ranking while also making substantial technological and community advancement. Also, we will develop Bitcoinvison based on Binance Smart Chain network and be ready to launch our own blockchain.Bitcoinvisions is a decentralized exchange that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. After collecting the values and strengths of other DeFi initiatives such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, linch, Pancakeswap, and others, the platform is projected to become one of the most well-known in the DeFi world. As can be seen, "decentralization" is theThe future of cryptography It secures personal ownership and transaction privacy, as well as helping to build a closed environment for cryptocurrencies, which are currently plagued by problems on existing platforms. For the time being, we'll rely on BSC to help us progress. We will build the full ecosystem on a different blockchain after we have gained a footing.Bitcoinvisions aspires to be the world's fastest public ledger, capable of processing over 50,000 transactions per second in the future. A smart contract, a cryptographically secure token, or a non-financial transaction can all be included in a single transaction (NFT). There are absolutely no limits to the ideas, uses, or advantages.Name: BitcoinvisionSymbol: $BVSTotal Supply: 21,000,000 BVSDecimal: 18Blockchain: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)Token Contract: 0x699B4C0046b8B9978B93b2CBc3F810AFb82f7D06TOKEN DISTRIBUTIONBitcoinvision is a long-term project with a set of 6 phasesPhase 1Launch BVS-native ICO capability to build up & grow a strong community and at the same time offer users an investment chance with high potential profits.Phase 2 Building the public base-layer blockchain protocol that optimizes for scalability. Phase 2 goal is to provide a platform that enables developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) without needing to design around performance bottlenecks.Phase 3 Road to BVS Testnet: From the beginning, BVS Labs intended its Road to BVS Testnet to go through multiple stages and run parallel to early versions of the project's mainnet.Phase 4 BVS Mainnet Beta: This beta version supports basic smart contract capabilities and token transactions, but it does not feature inflation rewards for validators. Once network inflation turns on, the network will graduate from a beta stage to a production-ready versionPhase 5 Full BVS Mainnet: we plans to upgrade BVS network from Mainnet Beta to a full mainnet versionPhase 6 Eternity: BVS DEX, Wallet, DApp Release.Bitcoinvisions Token Sale AnnouncementOUR VISIONBitcoin Vision was founded with the goal of creating a cryptocurrency based on the BSC model that would make BVS a more trustworthy and useful cryptocurrency for everyone. However, our primary focus will be on transitioning from BEP 20 to its own network, as seen by our present development strategy.Our Website: https://bitcoinvisions.infoOur Telegram Community: Telegram Channel: Channel: contact:Contact: Mitchelle JonesEmail: