Blockchain game – Battle World announces Seed Investments from Xeno Labs


Development on the much anticipated nonfungible token (NFT) gaming blockbuster Battle World (BWO) — created by the Indian-based metaverse gaming company SkyVerse Game Studios, slated for an alpha version release by 1st week May 2022. Battle World is a GameFi battle royale Metaverse project built on Polygon network. A globally appealing mid-core game for the masses. The players are dropped into maps modeled after famous global locations and towns, where they have to loot and fight against others to be the last one standing.The game is visually portrayed as fun, colourful and cartoonish while not being serious, meaning there’s a complete lack of gore and blood, essentially even kids to love and play it.Additionally, being easy on the eyes and minds of the players avoids fatigue and allows extended periods of gaming.About Xeno Labs:Xeno Labs is the Lead Investor in Battle World focuses on the curation and commercialization of new NFT products involving community-based value and facilitation of decentralized metaverse services.Along with Singapore based VC funds Grid Ventures & Bold Ventures, Xeno Labs has taken the entire Seed allocation of Battle World game.Battle World Partnerships:Battle World has joined the hands of Polygon Studios and onboarded them as Strategic Partner. Certik, a leading Blockchain Smart Contract Audit firm is auditing Battle World contracts.About SkyVerse Game Studios:The Indian-based metaverse gaming company, is bringing together the worlds of gaming and decentralized finance through revolutionary blockchain technology.Website: https://whitepaper.battleworld.gameTwitter: contact: Company Name: Battle WorldE-Mail: ceo@battleworld.gameWebsite: