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If you’re in charge of hiring employees for your company, you’re probably familiar with the difficulties that seem to be inherent to the hiring process.

Finding great employees is just difficult, for a variety of reasons. For instance, many hiring managers tend to select potential employees based on things that look good “on paper”– like prestigious degrees, work experience at respected companies, or proficiency in relevant skills and software. 

New artificial intelligence hiring software is typically programmed to seek out these kinds of skills and qualifications, too. These programs reduce workload for hiring managers, but are often susceptible to the same pitfalls– because they’re often programmed to search for the same professional skills and experience levels.

According to Crystal McKinsey, founding CEO of all-inclusive marketing and talent acquisition firm CMRG: “Artificial intelligence is extraordinary for narrowing a talent pipeline, or matching a required skill set list with a resume, but it does not identify grit, pluck, resilience, drive, or other character attributes that ultimately make the difference between an average and exceptional candidate.”

While online hiring software also typically asks candidates if they possess various soft skills like the ability to network, work in a fast-paced or high-pressure environment, or work effectively with a team, employees are not always entirely truthful. Someone who’s desperately seeking a job to make ends meet is also likely to say anything that they believe they need to in order to secure a position.

This conundrum is where recruiting agencies come in. These agencies work with applicants and hiring companies in order to create the best possible match between them. As a neutral third party, they are often best-equipped to determine a great fit while keeping company hiring goals in mind. Crystal McKinsey of CMRG says, “Our job as recruiting leaders is to utilize the efficiency of technology without compromising the human elements of connection.”

In addition to facilitating mutually beneficial connections between applicants and companies, recruiting agencies are in the business of adapting to an ever-changing and often volatile economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has had major and lasting effects on virtually every industry; Crystal McKinsey recounts the issues that CMRG experienced during the onset of the pandemic: “COVID presented a unique set of business challenges. There was one month in the midst of the pandemic when more than half of the companies we work with entered simultaneous hiring freezes.”

What is a recruiting agency to do when no one is hiring? True to their reputation as an agency at the forefront of the industry, CMRG assessed the economy and the job market and determined a new plan of action. “We pivoted immediately to offering contract and temporary support placements for our clients as they navigated the pandemic,” says Crystal McKinsey.

This shift in focus was key in allowing businesses to stay open and profitable during a massive economic upset. Says McKinsey, “Fortunately, we’ve seen the businesses we work with bounce back in extraordinary ways. Our firm is honored to have been part of the growth story of so many impactful brands.”

The ability to anticipate shifts in the market and develop solutions is a necessary quality for a recruiting agency to have. In general, recruiting agencies like CMRG are responsible for more than finding people who are looking for jobs– they also have to position their clients as companies who applicants would want to work for by sharing brand stories and showcasing what makes them different from their competitors. 

In order to grow as a company, surpassing the competition and reaching the top of your industry, you have to have an excellent staff. Hiring a recruiting agency to connect you with the best, most motivated candidates is an excellent step to take toward future growth, whether you’re a brand-new start-up or an established industry leader.

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