Bogged Finance Launches Take Profit (Limit Sells) for PancakeSwap

Bogged Finance Launches Take Profit (Limit Sells) for PancakeSwap

Bogged. Finance is an innovative platform that allows users to research and place orders for any token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project features BogTools, an ecosystem of developer-friendly dApps powered by the BOG governance and payment token.

The Limit Order platform taps into liquidity from pancakeSwap, allowing users to fill their order at the best possible price. Development is underway to facilitate users to take advantage of multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

The team behind Bogged Finance seeks to offer DEX users access to multiple tools usually allocated to centralized exchanges (CEXs), such as limit orders.

Bogged Finance Limit Orders Are Live!

BogTools is proud to introduce take profit (Limit Sells) for PancakeSwap, allowing crypto traders to place orders that will be filled once the price increases on any PancakeSwap token. This development is a big leg up from the Limit Buy Orders that lets users buy the dip on any PancakeSwap token.

Launched on April 13, the new feature will allow users to enjoy automatic Limit Sells, which routes the order via the Pancakeswap DEX. Eventually, users will have the ability to route through BakerySwap and other Automated Market Makers (AMMs) to get the best price on any token.

Limit orders are a type of buy order that traders place with a specific buy/sell price of their choosing. The trade is automatically executed when the market price reaches the target price. 

The introduction of Limit Buy/Sell Orders is massive for BSC, as it enables users to take profits on the platform and exit in time, especially if they have a life. Moreover, Bogged Finance users will now have the capacity to effectively buy dips/take profits to take advantage of volatility in the crypto market.

Stop Losses Are Coming to Bogged Finance!

The next release from BogTools will add Stop Losses on April 20 at 9 pm UTC, helping traders avoid getting completely rekt on the latest shitcoin in the market.

The project’s native BOG token is used to pay for Limit Order fees and other features on the platform, so all users will be required to hold a BOG balance to utilize the BogTools functionality. Presently, the token charges a 4.5% fee on transactions to reward Liquidity Providers (LPs.

A portion of these fees’ profits will be distributed to LP Stakers, who receive a 147% annual percentage yield (APY). The rest of the profits go to the BogTool developers to further expand the project on BSC.

The fact that all users on the platform must buy BOG from a limited 2.4m supply will boost the token’s adoption and result in higher prices over time. 

More Exciting Features On the Bogged Finance Roadmap

Following the introduction of Limit Orders and Stop Losses (next Tuesday), the BogTools dev team plans to add Take Profit and additional complex order types. Other upcoming features include an Order Book and Market Depth.

The platform has released BogCharts, which will be the only chart provider mentioned on every Waterfall bot and UniRocket bot. Limit Orders are now enabled on BogCharts Pairs that satisfy high volume requirements.

Using BogCharts, crypto traders can now view charts for any token with liquidity in PancakeSwap at zero cost and access vital trading information such as token liquidity and market capitalization. 

BogTools developers will continue to roll out updates and enhancements to the Chart platform in the coming weeks and months. 

The integration of these Charts and other UI elements is destined to make Bogged Finance the preferred destination for all trading on BSC and set up the BOT token on a moon mission to $200m.