Breach is Releasing Alpha Version of its MVP in Q2 2022. Exclusive Early Sign-Up Form Today


Breach today announced releasing exclusive early registration sign up form and their plans to release their MVP of Breach gamified social media platform (Breach Social) in Q2. Breach is committed to revolutionizing the gaming industry and uniting all gamers in one place. Breach MVP is going to incorporate multiple features helping gamers all over the world find matches to play with, interact with content, stream games, gain XP, NFTs and more! Breach Social gives gamers the control to easily connect with other gamers, ending their pain of poor in-game matchmaking engines where gamers often match with misfitting players. It additionally enhances how online interactions take shape. Everything done in Breach or on other gaming platforms earns players XP points toward their profiles that are minted into upgradeable NFT characters they can use to play Breach Native NFT Games.“Gamers are too fragmented. You want to watch a stream; you go to one platform. You want to read some tips, you go to another, so on and so forth. At the end of it all, you go to play and earn nothing from all the content you read/watched or created. I started Breach to help fix that by creating a gamified social platform” Remigijus Zinys, Breach CEO and Founer, said. On top of content, our matchmaking solution empowers players to conveniently navigate through gamers of their choosing and play different matches in multiple games, be it traditional online games or blockchain games.“People have lives and personal matters to attend to. I have an hour or so per day to play and have fun. I always hated wasting that hour matching with raggers or people that quit the game after a few minutes.” Said, Remigijus Zinys.Breach Alpha version will accept up to 1000 testers and early accounts. Click HERE to enter the exclusive list of early registrants and a chance to win Breach Lucky Charm NFTs that will buff and add bonuses to your account!About BreachBreach creates the new generation of gamified social platform to help gamers and web3 enthusiasts’ network, discover gaming continent and new games, matchmake, play-to-earn and own everything from the profile to gaming assets as NFTs utilizing the best technologies in AI, Blockchain, Web3, and more.Media Contact:BreachEhab