BullStake Announced Launch of MultiChain Staking Platform


Audited by Solid Proof, BullStake is a global multichain staking protocol which is deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Harmony, Avalanche, and Fantom networks. Users can stake each network's native coin to earn low to high yield passive income and can x9 their investment in just 30 days. BullStake is one of the prominent staking protocols to launch on Ethereum and the first to deploy on 6 different chains simultaneously. The company took all the good features of other protocols and combined them into one while adding safety measures that were never implemented before or at least, never implemented correctly.BullStake allows the Investors to stake ETH, BNB, ONE, FTM, AVAX & MATIC in 10 to 30 days plans and gain up to 906% ROI. Investors’ money is never fully locked, as even with the high ROI locked plans, there is an option to force withdraw their deposit.The company states that the entire staking process on BullStake is very simple where investors add the native token of the network of their choice in their MetaMask wallet and go on www.bullstake.app, choose the package they like after understanding the difference between the 6 packages, then proceed. Based on the type of package they chose and the timeframe they went for, they will be able to withdraw their profits.BullStake’s team and creators are KYC’d through Flooz KYC Partnership, the project is audited by SOLIDProof and all project wallets are doxed so that investors can clearly see where their tax is being spent, and that is what separates BullStake from other staking protocols, transparency. BullStake Plans:High Roi Plans (10, 20, 30 days)- This plan allows withdrawal only after the investment term has ended. Variable withdrawal taxes are imposed. The longer the investment plan, the less withdrawal tax incurred, as shown below.Low Roi Plans (10, 20, 30 days)- Allows withdrawal every 24 hours from the point of depositing. The amount that the investor can withdraw is spread evenly over the term of the chosen plan and dropped daily.The company has also announced several safety key measures for BullStake-Option To Force Withdraw – Investors can force withdraw their deposits at anytimeRe-Invest Function – Investors will get be exempt from paying tax and get extra 35% ROI if they re-invest at least 50% of their withdrawalSustainable ROI packages – Low and high ROI packages offered with dynamic taxesGiveaway/Lottery Wallet – made to incentivise new investors to join the protocolDoxed Owner & Wallets – for transparency and to gain investors’ trustSingle Level Referral Rewards – to reward investors sharing the protocol safelyOption To Trade – there will be a team hired to day trade wallet funds based on a community vote to increase the contract balance regularly Investors can stake their coins in the following packages:10 day low ROI plan has an initial ROI of 130% with 20% withdrawal tax (104% ROI after tax)20 day low ROI plan has an initial ROI of 200% with 20% withdrawal tax (160% after tax)30 day low ROI plan has an initial ROI of 252% with 20% withdrawal tax (201.6% after tax)10 day high ROI plan has an initial ROI of 159.3% with 20% withdrawal tax (127.4% ROI after tax)20 day high ROI plan has an initial ROI of 366% with 13% withdrawal tax (318.5% ROI after tax)30 day high ROI plan has an initial ROI of 906.2% with 11% withdrawal tax (806.5% ROI after tax)Launch DateLaunch starts on the 24th of April for BNB staking on Binance. Every 24 hours thereafter, BullStake will launch on all the remaining networks. Therefore it is estimated to continue launching up to the 1st of May. The order of launch is as follows:Binance – to stake BNB on 24/04/22 / 8pm UTC Fantom – to stake FTM on 25/04/22 / 8pm UTC Polygon – to stake Matic on 26/04/22 / 8pm UTC Ethereum – to stake Eth on 27/04/22 / 8pm UTC Avalanche – to stake Avax on 28/04/22 / 8pm UTC Harmony – to stake ONE on 29/04/22 / 8pm UTCFor more information, visit- https://bullstake.app or read the BullStake Whitepaper at- https://bullstake.gitbook.io/bullstake-whitepaper/Social MediaTwitter: https://twitter.com/StakeBullDiscord: https://discord.gg/sSDzD9FeQ7Telegram: https://t.me/BullStakeMedia Contact:Name: Adam AwadEmail: Bullman@bullstake.app The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency).PR Partner:NewscallTelegramPress@newscall.co