Byakko Launches Crypto Project with Multiple Use Cases


The Byakko team has launched its crypto project that offers users multiple use cases and an opportunity to stake their tokens.Use case and investment benefitsThe team created an NFT staking decentralized application (dApp) which it has implemented and tested to ensure its accuracy. An APY is an integral component of the staking and is designed to work on P2E/PVP games that have been outsourced to a reputable gaming software development company.The NFT staking APYs comprises farming tokens that offers players a high return on investment (ROI). They are locked with NFTs to prevent price fluctuations and sell-offs that characterize most other projects.These APYs offer an impressive range between 250% and 400%, depending on factors such as volume, rarity, and market cap.According to the Byakko team, it controls the staking pool and ensures that tokens are allocated to the pool when necessary. An average investor can benefit from this arrangement.Play-to-Earn (P2E) GamesThe team explained further that it plans to place a deposit on its P2E games as the community grows. Players will invest in a game to create a reward pool where there may be up to three winners. Each game will be taxed by 20% and the proceeds distributed among the holders or sent to a burn address.Marketing TacticsThe team understands the role of marketing in creating awareness for the project, giving it maximum publicity, and eventually increasing its value.As a part of its marketing plans, it will invite influential call groups, Twitter influencers, and others for promotional purposes. Through their marketing efforts, the team intends to take the project to every part of the crypto community.After launching, the team will embark on post-launch marketing. It will implement some tactics that will push it to new limits. For maximum result, it hopes to hire a third-party marketing firm to assist with general marketing.Other proposed marketing strategies include digital advertisements and billboard advertisements that are targeted toward densely-populated cities such as New York and Los Angeles.Social media marketing will be complemented by giveaways and ads on Google, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter to boost reach.The team also came up with what it termed Tiger Marketing. It explained that this is a traditional marketing strategy but involves Discord Mass DM, Twitter mass DM, targeted giveaways, boosted Twitter giveaways, targeting trending hashtags, Instagram Mass MD, and more.DAOThere’s an ongoing plan to integrate plugins within Discord with ETH to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).DAO members will be conferred with several privileges that include voting power on major changes and updates within the NFT and coin. They can also vote on marketing expenditure as a preventive measure against giving the team absolute power that may allow them to make decisions that may hurt other holders.Token VestingThe Byakko team has concluded plans to vest the funds it acquires through private and initial seed rounds to help it stabilize the price.Social MediaTelegram: Contact:Company Name: ByakkoEmail: