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MetaBlaze is on a mission. A mission to become the first Blockchain-gaming Metaverse generating lifetime yields. A gaming Metaverse where gamers can come together and immerse themselves in a high-level, 3D, P2E (play-to-earn) RPG, (role-playing-game) encompassing exclusive content, superior graphics, and hyper engaging gameplay. A blockchain-based gaming world that offers robust rewards for playtime. A gaming world designed BY gamers, FOR gamers. 

In taking a strategic approach toward the development of its GameFi and DeFi ecosystem, MetaBlaze is building an extensive network of value-added utilities designed to work in tandem with one another to generate perpetual funding to its economy.

MetaBlaze is a GameFi x DeFi utility token designed for all aspects of web3 technology with a primary focus on its gaming Metaverse. 

GameFi and Play-to-Earn. What is it?

GameFi is a disruptive model that combines gaming, crypto, NFTs, and blockchain technology to create the newest gaming experience; P2E (play-to-earn). P2E games can range from simple strategy games and hyper-casual games all the way up to full-blown metaverse RPG experiences with diverse elements and a wide array of value-added utilities. 

Blockchain technology is forever changing the way we play games, and P2E is a new dominant gaming model. Instead of just winning, or losing, you're now able to get paid in crypto for engagement, fully own all your digital assets, and even trade them for other cryptocurrencies. This is all facilitated by blockchain technology which helps prove the authenticity and ownership of digital assets. P2E games are a financial gold mine for gamers. The traditional grind and hustle culture of video games is alive and well within these virtual gaming worlds.

Metaverse Needs Passive Rewards and MetaBlaze is Bringing It

MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) will serve as the native currency within its blockchain-based game and provide a means to access its gaming Metaverse. With an innovative in-game economy, players can expect to buy, sell, and trade a wide variety of in-game digital assets and ecosystem-specific NFTs such as BlazeBox’s, BlazeCore’s, virtual lands, and more. MetaBlaze’s ecosystem-specific NFTs enable players to boost their monetary reward earnings and provide opportunities to also achieve passive yields. These NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded on MetaBlaze’s NFT marketplace, accessible within the BlazedApp–(Decentralized Application).

The advent of Virtual Real Estate is considered a powerful source of earning for both gamers and non-gamers alike. By including property ownership as one element of its in-game strategy, MetaBlaze is taking on a vital role in the movement towards virtual real estate within its P2E game. With general growth and sales of virtual real estate reaching never-before-seen highs, all will be able to benefit from this new economic opportunity by owning land within this immersive gaming Metaverse.

From a player's point of view, the game is somewhat like “World of Warcraft” but far into the distant future. Classic mystical creatures and futuristic-themed mystical creatures, such as Goblins, Orcs, Dwarves, Gnomes, and more, engage in epic battles to take control of the different 3D worlds. As to the very nature of P2E players will be rewarded for playtime within this highly anticipated 3D Blockchain-based game. 

The various in-game character species are based on 10k NFT collections produced by MetaBlaze.

The first NFT collection introduced is the "MetaRoyal"; a highly limited collection of 200 passive income generating NFTs. MetaRoyal NFTs represent art in every way imaginable. These stunning pieces have undergone a rigorous creative process with each NFT being meticulously hand-sculpted to form a 3D rendering for the most life-like effects. They are then hand-painted to perfection, followed by the digital transformation, a required step before minting on the Blockchain. 

Owning a MetaRoyal NFT enables lifetime access to the gaming Metaverse, and owners receive a 10% portion of royalty earnings based on secondary + sales of ALL standard 10k NFT collections. Owners can expect royalties from up to 40,000 NFTs per year. This provides endless passive yields and uncapped earning potential. The following collection, MetaGoblin NFTs, will be introduced and available to purchase during the second phase of presale which is just around the corner.

The limited MetaRoyal NFTs are only accessible during the ongoing presale that's nearing a close as over $1,350,000.00 has been raised of the $1,500,000.00 hard cap. Click Here to Register for Presale. 

To learn more, visit the METABLAZE website or join the TELEGRAM and chat with the founding team. Important to note, MetaBlaze will be hosting its first AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a popular cryptocurrency community, Wednesday, 12pm EST. Join Here



A multi-chain GameFi utility token designed for the Blockchain-Gaming Metaverse. 

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