Cardano Metaverse Project Cardalonia Continues $LONIA Token Seed Round, Set To Hold AMA On Cardanodaily


Cardalonia, a Cardano metaverse project is pleased to announce that it will be holding it’s first external AMA on 20th May, 3PM UTC on Cardanodaily.Cardalonia is a fully decentralized, fully customizable virtual world where players can build, own and customize their own experiences on the Cardano Blockchain.Utilizing the Cardano ecosystem known for it's security to develop a 3D decentralized gaming metaverse that would unlock creativity in the Metaverse as you can Earn, create, socialize, play, trade and so much more, all in a virtual world.Cardalonia is made up of clans as users will need to join a clan Avatar to be able to experience Cardalonia.In order to buy Land, Join a Clan and be able to enjoy the exquisite treatment in Cardalonia, players need to have $Lonia which is the utility token that would allow crypto & non-crypto enthusiasts be a part in Cardalonia.$LONIA Token staking is already live as you can stake your tokens and start earning rewards each epoch, just like staking your ADA to a stake pool.Cardalonia staking APY rates are one of the most attractive on the Cardano Blockchain.You can acquire some $LONIA Tokens by joining in the $LONIA token seed sale which ends in few hours below. Air, Cardalonia’s CTO and Danney Velazquez will be a guest for the AMA on Cardanodaily. A prize of $100 BUSD will be available to reward the participants.AMAs are opportunities for interested investors to get to know more about the team, Cardalonia’s mission and future roadmap.$LONIA TokenCardalonia offers users the unique opportunity to experience a creator friendly and unique play to earn experience on Cardano. $LONIA, launched as a Cardano native token will be the Governance Token for the Cardalonia Ecosystem.How To Buy LONIAPurchase ADA from any cryptocurrency exchange and send them to your Cardano wallet.Visit the $LONIA Token Sale Page and send ADA to the Cardalonia token sale address$LONIA tokens will be automatically sent to the wallet address used in participating in the Sales.Interested Investors looking to purchase LONIA tokens at the seed sale can visit the token sale page. RoadmapCardalonia Staking Is Live already.In Game NFT assets have been developed.Cardalonia team has successfully been able to create a sustainable utility concept that will be released in the coming weeks.The Cardalonia Map & Marketplace are also being actively developed.Social Links:Twitter: contact:Company: CardaloniaContact Name: Vasil AirE-mail: hello@cardalonia.ioWebsite: