CATcoin Listed on Bitforex and Pancakeswap, Seeks To Give Competition to Dogecoin


As the popularity of dog-related tokens like Dogecoin, Shiba, and Shiba Inu continues to soar, a new project that will give these tokens a hot chase has been launched: CatCoin. Like dogs, cats too deserve popularity, and that's why the team at CatCoin is ready to take cat to the moon.CatCoin is a community-based project that's built on top of the Binance Smart Chain. It has a utility token with the symbol "$CatCoin." Aside from earning passive income, token holders can use the token to pay for goods and services within the project's ecosystem.CatCoin Has So Much To OfferCatCoin is a promising project that will moon just like dog-related tokens. It has so much to offer to token holders and other community members. Here are what to expect:Passive IncomeEvery transaction on the CatCoin ecosystem has a 2% deduction, which will be distributed to all token holders. In essence, as the transaction continues, the tokens in your wallet will continue to multiply without any effort from your side.No WhalesThe project doesn't anticipate large wallet holders (whales) that will influence the price in their favor. $CatCoin is already programmed to inhibit such practices.Community FocusedCatCoin is a 100% focused community project. Every sale comes with a 6% liquidity tax to make the project healthy. Community members will be rewarded for their efforts, commitment, and loyalty to the project.Be The First To Buy CATCOINAs exciting as the project is, if you don't buy some tokens and hold them in your wallet, you won't benefit from the passive income and other rewards that token holders enjoy. Follow these steps to purchase your first CatCoin token on BITFOREX Exchange.About CatCoinCatCoin is a cat-themed token developed on Binance Smart Chain to bring all cat lovers together in a community. The intention of launching CatCoin is also to help cat shelters by creating and donating new DeFi products. Since it's developed using the BSC, the transaction involving Catcoin is relatively on the lower side, compared to projects developed using other blockchains.CatCoin will be managed by DAO. You can get this token by contributing your quota to the project or by investing your money to support the team to further develop the CatCoin ecosystem. Additionally, token holders will earn rewards for every transaction conducted.Website: https://catcoin.cashContract ID: 0x3e362283b86c1b45097cc3fb02213b79cf6211dfWhitepaper: On Contact -Name: SimonEmail: