Chronic' Founder, Known as Shahh, Shares His Journey To Becoming a Full-time Gaming Content Creator


Chronic is a competitive eSports team in the gaming world. Their work has been seen on many platforms and they're followed by a huge community that supports their content. Shahryar Ahmad, the proud founder and owner of Chronic, has long been vocal about digital innovation and has worked his way to becoming a noted creator in one of the most transformative niches in the digital market. With his passion and enthusiasm, he has found considerable community support for his work.Long before Chronic was a reality, Shah started his journey as a college dropout at the age of 18. He looked forward to pursuing gaming and YouTube full-time. He then discovered the developing audience for gaming and recognized YouTube as a platform where he could decorate and escalate his skill. Starting with Fortnite videos, Shah quickly established himself as a fixture in the gaming community. Three years later, he is a YouTuber gamer with almost 881K subscribers under his belt.Shahryar did not restrict his growth to his YouTube channel. With his strong leadership qualities and ambition, he has always been driven to push further. That’s why he created Chronic, an eSports team. Chronic began its life as a small venture with a few friends; however, with his consistent growth and recognition in the content creation community, Shah realized the team’s potential from the outset. He capitalized on that and Chronic was able to gain a coveted sponsorship from SCUF Gaming, a performance controller developer.His digital ambitions did not stop with eSports gaming. Shah has been a keen supporter of the growing NFT and crypto markets, and he has frequently shown his support for technical innovation in those arenas. Not only has he purchased the renowned Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT collection, he has also consistently supported the development of gaming across Web 3.0 Shah believes in digital supremacy, which has led him to develop considerable platforms within the community. His role as a digital content creator and enthusiast has guided him to play an important role in numerous digital niches. Shahryar believes in continuing his journey as a content creator and building his image across the wider community, encouraging more individuals to take chances and innovate while taking his company to new heights.About ChronicChronic is an eSports team, sponsored by  SCUF Gaming. Its founder, Shahryar Ahmad, known as Shah in the content creation world, is a YouTuber and eSports gamer with a positive reputation in the community for his digital contributions. Shah has been working his way across the digital market to become a millionaire at just 21 years of age. He has been engaged with NFTs, crypto and the metaverse and has contributed to building the community around them.Twitter | Twitter | YouTube | Chronic | BBG 
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