Coin World Launches Token WORLD, Pioneering the Path to an Equitable Global Finance System


To address the latest innovation, Coin World is set to launch Token WORLD, which represents a significant step towards making global finance more accessible and equitable. This innovative token is introduced to the public, focusing on global usage by unique individuals.

Token WORLD aims to support the traditional financial system, such as limited access, centralization, and lack of financial control for individuals. Token WORLD embodies Coin World's vision for a more equitable global finance system. It introduces several essential features that set it apart, such as decentralization, privacy, and accessibility. 

In addition, Token WORLD is built on blockchain technology, which inherently decentralizes control over financial transactions. This means that the power of finance is placed directly into the hands of the users, reducing dependency on centralized authorities and intermediaries.

In an era where privacy is paramount, the platform's Token WORLD ensures its users' highest level of privacy. Transactions conducted on the Token WORLD network are confidential, and personal data is protected, offering a level of security not often seen in traditional financial systems.

Moreover, Coin World's innovative Token is designed to be inclusive. It eliminates geographical boundaries and offers a financial solution to individuals worldwide, regardless of their location or economic background. This opens up new opportunities for financial inclusion and access to global markets.

Coin World Tokenomics provides a quick overview of the project, including the upcoming launch date, details about the network (Coin World is an ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum Mainnet), a total supply of 100,000 tokens, fees of 0% for buying and 5% for selling (with 2% going to liquidity and 3% divided into 2% for Genesis Passport and 1% for Global ID Passport), and an inflation rate of up to 1.5% per year, which may start after 15 years and is subject to governance decisions (with a default inflation rate of 0%).

Including more, Token WORLD can bring financial services to underserved and unbanked populations, offering them a chance to participate in the global economy and improve their financial stability. The focus on privacy and security can significantly reduce the risks associated with financial transactions, protecting users from scams.


Furthermore, Token WORLD can reduce the control of centralized institutions, potentially diminishing the chances of market manipulation and financial crises. The individuals can engage in cross-border transactions without intermediaries, reducing transaction costs and increasing efficiency.

About Coin World:

Coin World, a revolutionary community-driven initiative, aims to create a more humane global economic system. With a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, Coin World is set to establish universal access to the global economy, irrespective of geographical location or individual background. This groundbreaking project is designed to become the world's largest human identity and financial network, with the primary goal of granting economic ownership to every individual. 

Coin World is driven by equality, global innovation, and the worth of every individual. As a decentralized protocol, Coin World is supported by a worldwide community of developers, individuals, economists, and technologists who are dedicated to broadening participation in the global economy. The platform manages, supports, and nurtures the community until it becomes self-sufficient.

Additionally, the platform's Coin World App, designed to facilitate more human access to the global economy, introduced the first Passport ID-compatible wallet. This wallet ensures secure, user-friendly access to the Coin World ecosystem. Coin World is continuously evolving, with new updates on the horizon to enhance the Passport ID system and expand its offerings. 

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