Coinbase Allows Users to Share Information About Crypto Holdings With Friends


Coinbase Global (COIN), the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, will allow users to easily share information about their crypto holdings and portfolio with their private or social network, the company said in a blog post Friday.

  • Users can share their crypto portfolio’s allocation percentage (but not overall balances) with others, as well as asset pages about the cryptos they own.
  • “We want to empower the cryptoeconomy to share knowledge and information and learn from each other,” Rishav Mukherji, senior product manager at Coinbase, said in the post.
  • Coinbase said it will be adding new ways for users to share details about their trades in the coming weeks.
  • The exchange reported weaker-than-expected quarterly financial results on Tuesday as its trading volume fell in the third quarter.

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