Coinfio introduces Chaos ecosystem

Coinfio introduces Chaos ecosystem

A British tech firm Coinfio has recently announced they had gained a great competitive edge in trading market with their exclusive Big Data technology.

Coinfio has also voiced their ambition of building an ecosystem revolving around its Chaos token in the context that cryptocurrency market has been moving towards decentralised finance (defi) and blockchain applications have received much attention from the public with the proliferation of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Big Data is no longer a new concept. It is now pursued by many tech firms. However, not all of them can adopt Big Data as it requires cutting-edgy technology capacity and significant financial resource. Facebook, Google and IBM are among companies having managed to adopt Big Data science. In financial market, Coinfio is among very few announcing their adoption of Big Data. The firm has also introduced their Artificial Intelligence (AI) system called Velox3 and succeeded in applying Big Data technology in Forex and Crypto markets. Their technology has strengthened their trading system, making it more secured than any regular AI systems.

 Coinfio has announced it has been striving for completion of their ecosystem with Chaos token being its core value. According to the management board of Coinfio which consists of American and Jewish entrepreneurs, the firm has been working with prestigious influencers for their launching of NFT collections and a NFT exchange called Chaos3 Market. NFT is now an emerging investment trend. Experts have also called NFT the next giant step forward in the application of blockchain in reality after cryptocurrency. Besides, Coinfio mentioned its Coinfio Decentralised Exchange (Coinfio Dex) integrating five most powerful blockchain platforms Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Polygon Matic and Eos. The exchange is an element of the firm’s ecosysystem while CHAOS token is the main coin of this exchange. Some information regarding CHAOS token:

– Total supply: 100,000,000

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

 – Protocol: BEP-20

 – Decimal: 18

– Burning scheme: 10% for each swap

– Initial price: $0.1

With its financial resources and Big Data technology, Coinfio has voiced their confidence in its plan of developing a complete ecosystem with products in line with emerging development trends of crypto market.

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