Coinovy’s Exclusive Feature: Token to Coin (T2C)


With the cryptocurrency mass adoption coming in waves, there are still many confusions about the industry and what it has to offer. One of the main asked questions, what is the difference between Token and Coin? They differentiate by what they represent. A coin is the digital version of money, whereas token stand for assets. You will be able to buy tokens with coin, however despite token may carry more value, however there is prevailing restrictions on liquidation of it. Think of token as a company share, despite having a good valuation, the liquidation process doesn’t come easy.

Coinovy has pioneered a feature called the Token to Coin (T2C). The vision of Coinovy is to support new token companies by coming on the platform and giving access to their token holders to liquidate. Isn’t this a feature any crypto holders would want, and definitely a feature sought after by new and small to mid-size startups especially. They are backed by a great vision to start a project, but with so many scams around, some amazing projects are not reaching potentials it should achieve as they don’t have the capacity to liquidate at initial stages. Taking advantage of this feature, their brand overall will be enhancedand be having a great credibility as Coinovy’s platform is insured by BitGo and has easibility of fund access through Coinovy’s Visa Debit Card and withdrawal to bank.

In light to this feature, Coinovy is inviting more strategic partners to come onboard to take advantage of this feature and be in par to offer liquidity to their user base. This would be a win-win position for both parties. Having featured this T2C feature, the aspiration to reach a potential 3 million uses won’t just be a dream anymore, but a reality.

Coinovy stands by its vision to provide ease of crypto to fiat feature for the mass majority to drive mass adoption.