CoinPoker $100,000 Exclusive Buy-in NLH: A Tournament Hosted by Tony G


CoinPoker is organizing the biggest poker event of 2022 on their platform, and every poker fan should be super excited about it; Here's why -The No-Limit Hold 'em tournament organized by CoinPoker will be hosted by none other than Tony G (Tw: @TonyGuoga), the Poker Legend. With the Multi-Table Tournament event and cash games from the new year, they are now organizing a rebuy tournament with a prize pool of a whopping $100,000. After playing a pot, Tony G and Leon Tsoukernik recently broke the previous world record of $1,300,000 by winning a jaw-dropping $2,000,000 on the online poker platform CoinPoker. Apart from this, the $50,000 buy-in event hosted by Tony G on CoinPoker made a massive hit among players and the viewers. The event made the platform flooded with active users of 5000 per month, with additional ~200 new users joining daily on CoinPoker.If you are one of the Pokers interested, you first have to register yourself on the CoinPoker platform. Key features of the CoinPoker NLH Tournament$100,000 Buy-in Hosted by none other than Tony GEvery hour Buy-in.Tournament Schedule and PrerequisitesThe event is scheduled to start from 04:00 PM GMT, Thursday 27th January 2022Participation is open to everyone around the Globe.The event is for CoinPoker register users only. So if you still have not registered yourself on the platform, Register Now : CoinPoker registrationPlease note that – MTT is a Multi-Table Tournament where all participants get a stack of chips after paying the joining fee in the buy-in. Getting out of the chips is considered as getting out of the tournament. The player can buy more chips on rebuy events as he lost his old stack and fill himself up again within a specific period from the beginning. About CoinPoker: CoinPoker is an online platform for Poker enthusiasts developed by a passionate Poker Loving team. It works on a platform powered by blockchain technology, having USDT as the primary in-game currency and $CHP as the utility token, which delivers poker fun with the benefits of Crypto World. CoinPoker supports fast and secure  USDT, ETH, BTC, or CHP tokens transactions without any KYC verification. From high cash out to huge CHP giving promotions, helping the Players get some exclusive features, including providing early access to future features, are some of the exclusive utilities of the CoinPoker platform’s $CHP token. Media Contact