Compete for your Share of the $100,000 Prize Pool with AI NFTs – AI GameToEarn


Look no further than Exordium's AI GameToEarn's AI NFTs. 

These innovative non-fungible tokens not only provide you with short-term earning potential but also offer the chance to compete for a guaranteed $100,000 prize pool on their leaderboard. Additionally, staking can earn you up to $1000 per month. 

AI GameToEarn is quickly becoming one of the most talked about platforms in the gaming world due to its innovative approach to gaming and rewards systems. With its combination of cutting-edge technology, immersive gameplay experiences and generous prize pools, there's something for everyone on this groundbreaking platform!

They have announced a new milestone in gaming and blockchain technology: the launch of its first-ever $100,000 prize pool competition. Owners of  Artificial Intelligence Non-Fungible Tokens ( AI NFTs) have a chance to compete for a share of the prize money.

Those in possession of our AI NFTs  have the chance to win their share of the massive $100,000 prize pool through a leaderboard hosted on the platform. This marks the first time an AI NFT platform has offered such a large prize pool. Players can purchase their own AI NFTs  on mint day which will take place on May 17th.

To get a chance to purchase two of our AI NFTs, you must apply for our whitelist. The number of people applying for our whitelist is growing by the minute, and we currently have over 2000 people competing for one of the 1800 whitelist spots. You can still earn your whitelist spot by completing various social media quests or by applying for a guaranteed whitelist spot. 

The platform features a range of games that are powered by AI technology, allowing players to take part in interactive experiences that are designed to test their skills and give them access to rewards. With its unique blend of AI technology and blockchain-based NFTs, players can earn real money rewards while they compete against each other. The best part? 

Highest ranked players will receive a larger portion of the prize pool, and this is how the split looks like:

  • 1st place- $25,000 

  • 2nd place – $12,500 

  • 3rd place – $7500 

  • 4th place – $5000 

  • 5th place – $2500 

  • 6-100 place – $500

AI GameToEarn is dedicated to providing an exciting experience for crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors & gamers. The company also hopes that this competition will help push more people towards using blockchain technology as it continues to gain popularity in recent years.

These unique NFTs not only offer the potential for short-term gains, but also provide long-term opportunities for steady income through staking which can earn you up to $1000 a month! Plus, with the chance to compete for a $100,000 prize pool on their leaderboard, the excitement never ends. Don't miss out on this exciting chance to take your earnings to the next level. Whitelist now and start competing!