CompoundX unveils the first of its kind 400,000 fixed annual percentage yield in the crypto space


CompoundX, a new financial protocol, is happy to announce its project, with set to alter the cryptocurrency space with its CompoundX Gain Protocol (CGP). The protocol will make staking automated while giving $COMPOUND holders a higher annual percentage yield the industry has ever experienced. It will be the highest fixed annual percentage yield of 400,000%, with a daily return on investment of 4.215%.The Chief Marketing Officer indicated, "We provide autostaking right in your wallet when purchasing $COMPOUND. There is no need to transfer your tokens to another place because it is staked once you purchase the token. With this, you can receive rebase rewards."The CPG autostake feature uses an advanced function known as Invest2Earn that allows investors to buy and hold the $COMPOUND token in their wallets. This allows them to earn rebase rewards automatically. Furthermore, the token increases every 15 minutes in the holders' wallet.The rebase token is a token where the circulating supply contracts and expands because of the rebase mechanism. It uses a rebasing mechanism that increases and decreases in supply. The CompoundX Protection Fund backs the positive rebased and is supported and insured by the CompoundX Gain Protocol’s buying and selling fees.CompoundX Tokenomics The total supply of CompoundX tokens is 400,191,543, with about 220,000 reserved for its presale. The presale starts on 31 March 2022 at 19:00 (UTC). You can participate in the presale by using the presale link: . However, the presale will end on 04 April 2022 at 19:00 (UTC). The soft cap is set to 50BNB.It also has a liquidity lockup time that ends 365 days after the pool. Overall, 54.97% of its total supply is reserved for its presale, whereas 28.04% is for its liquidity. Furthermore, the remaining 16.99% will be unlocked. To ensure the fixed annual percentage yield of 400,000 annually, CompoundX charges a selling fee of 18%, whereas buyers pay 14% for $COMPOUND token holders.With several changes happening in the crypto space, the team director emphasized the CompoundX plan to ensure the token is listed on popular websites, including coinmarketcap and Coingecko. Furthermore, there will also be a cross-chain integration with the NFT collection release on the platform.About CompoundXCompoundX is a marketing, and developer-based organization focused on innovating and creating value and benefits for CompoundX token holders. The CompoundX Gain Protocol ensures all token holders receive exceptional benefits for participating in this project.BSCScan: Media Handles:Twitter: Info:Organization: CompoundXName: HaroldEmail: Website: