CorionX Initial Dex Offering Announcement: Here’s How To Participate!


CorionX is focused on merging the cryptocurrency and stablecoin sectors via its utility token and educational platform. The project builds a global community where each member can share knowledge, use cases, and info on all aspects of wide-ranging digital finance. 

This unique venture’s native utility token, CORX, functions as an incentive for stablecoin and decentralized finance (DeFi) popularization. The ERC20 token facilitates participants to share info, grow the CorionX community, and use various practical cryptocurrency apps.

Token holders using CORX daily are rewarded with numerous benefits, such as 2.5% staking quarterly in the Loyalty Staking Program

Through its #MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement, CorionX is fostering the use of stablecoins as the new crypto instruments that will transform how payments are made globally. 

The movement will reward contributors and participants with CORX tokens as an added incentive to reach mainstream adoption. CorionX’s team has a vital objective of reaching 20 million daily stablecoin and DeFi users by 2021.

CorionX Initial Dex Offering (IDO) Is Coming Soon

The CorionX project reached a significant milestone recently with the successful completion of their IEO on Probit Exchange.

However, the market situation is changing fast, and the popularity of DeFi and DEXes has exploded in the last couple of months. Many community members now indicate that they would prefer to trade CORX on DEXes and an IDO (Initial Dex Offering) for providing liquidity for trading. 

IDOs offer projects a new and innovative way to raise funds via decentralized finance instead of centralized exchange listings. CorionX has decided to explore the possibility of an IDO to offer enthusiasts and investors who prefer DEXes a new opportunity to be a part of a groundbreaking project. 

The IDO will also favor community members who couldn’t participate in the IEO process because of their unfamiliarity with centralized exchanges. 

Interested investors will soon have the opportunity to participate in CorionX IDO, scheduled to go on from 2-15 November. Tokenizer DEX, a fully decentralized platform that facilitates the trading of over 100 tokens, will host the token’s listing. 

Participants in the IDO with Tokenizer can benefit from a special promotion, where they get a 17% sales bonus on token purchases and earn up to 27% rewards for inviting friends. This special referral campaign guarantees that both referrer and referee gets a 10% bonus. 

The raised IDO funds will help in finance developments of the CorionX ecosystem and also provide liquidity on Tokenizer and Uniswap. After the IDO, the CorionX team plans to list CorionX prompt on Tokenizer, Probit, and Uniswap at the same time.

The move to list CorionX on DEXes, supported with an IDO, serves the community’s best interest and supports extending CORX use cases.

To participate in the CORX IDO on Tokenizer, click on this link

More on CorionX’s Listing On Tokenizer and other Partnerships

CorionX’s scheduled listing on Tokenizer highlight’s the project’s ambition to partner with industry leaders to further its cause for mainstream adoption.

Tokenizer is on a mission to democratize and reinvent the world of banking and investments by fulfilling the tokenization needs of users on their token issuer, launchpad, and DEX. Over 100 tokens can be traded on the Tokenizer DEX in a fully decentralized way, with no KYC requirements or registration process. 

The platform also offers state of the art security by performing token accreditation checks on-chain. Their oracles verify several compliance features, including whether the receiving wallet belongs to an accredited investor.

Tokenizer is primed to revolutionize the DeFi field and address several key pain points to democratize investments and boost direct market participation and growth. The DEX connects with various other players and exchanges to inject improved liquidity to the DeFi marketplace. 

CorionX has also fostered several other mutually beneficial partnerships in the recent past, which provide additional use cases for CorionX.

The Syscoin interoperability bridge integration facilitates quick, affordable, and scalable transactions for the CORX utility token while allowing users to tap into the benefits of Ethereum’s DeFi network. 

The FUSE Network and Studio partnership will introduce a perfect backend of the CorionX wallet, which will offer the next generation of mobile payments. FUSE will power affordable, fast, and highly scalable transactions via Stablecoins, CORX, and other ERC 20 tokens.

More recently, on Oct 20, the Corion Foundation announced a new partnership with the TEAL Marketplace. This decentralized marketplace connects consumers with the best recommendations, and merchants with the most suitable customers, via proprietary artificial intelligence (AI).

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