Crowdfunding Platform Adds Support for go9Tro


The popular cryptocurrency exchange and token launch platform, Tarmex announced plans to add support for go9TRO this week. The addition is seen as a significant move by many in the market due to several factors such as Tarmex’s popularity and the technical possibilities that go9Tro introduces to the industry.

What is go9Tro?

Go9Tro is a highly efficient full spectrum loT services provider that has earned a reputation as a pioneering force in the adoption of these next-gen technologies. The platform currently operates a massive trusted global network that seeks to revolutionize community communication via IoT. The final goal of the project is to enhance the lives of millions of people across the globe. For these reasons, the project has earned the nickname “the people’s IoT solution.”

About go9tro Wireless

go9tro Wireless is offering free global internet services to support the adoption of cryptocurrencies in 90 countries. All retail locations will be distribution points for Free Wifi to end users for cryptocurrency distribution. This will assist the 3 Billion global unbanked with a real solution to access the global marketplace.

What is IoT?

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. This network is composed of the trillions of smart devices located globally. Everything from your Smartphone to your Smart Fridge or even your Tesla falls into this category. To make an item smart, you simply need to add sensors and internet connectivity. Currently, there are 15 trillion IoT devices in use globally. Consequently, this massive network has near-endless potential to change the way people communicate.

Benefits of go9Tro

There are a lot of benefits go9TRO introduces to the market. For one, it enables and empowers people to share data solutions effectively. The network’s goal to introduce next-level connected, cooperative solutions in technology to communities is admirable. The platform has already done a lot for the IoT sector. Specifically, the platform has introduced various systems to standardized solutions for telecom operators’ last mile solutions.

As you could imagine, such an expansive network brings new possibilities to the market. For example, developers stated that their network could help to bring the 1 billion unbanked people of the world access to the global economy. Additionally, this vast network introduces new earning opportunities, such as the ability to conduct mobile crypto mining nearly anywhere on the planet. 

Major Roll Out

Notably, go9Tro is in the midst of a major rollout. The firm already has a vast network in the billions. Impressively, developers seek to push the total installed base of IoT-connected devices to over 21.5 billion units worldwide by 2025. To accomplish this task, the firm has trained and introduced city developers based in 30 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. At the current rate, 2 billion people will be reached in the next 24 months.

How Does go9Tro Work?

Interestingly, go9Tro utilizes an Ethereum-based value transfer protocol. The network intends to focus on connecting the rural areas of its rollout plan with the LoRa gateways. These gateways allow IoT devices to communicate with the network more efficiently and securely. From there, developers will work towards connecting Smart Cities and most LoRa applications. 

The completion of these tasks will represent a significant milestone for the firm and the entire IoT industry. It would also mark the global adoption of the go9Tro wireless LoRa RF technology in the LoRa WAN protocol. These steps are all seen as positive market developments that could help to push go9Tro’s market value up considerably.

For its part, Tarmex intends to list go9Tro’s token and support the project’s launch via the exchanges Launchpad protocol. Over the last couple of months, IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) have become one of the most popular ways for projects to launch and acquire liquidity from the public. The decision to push go9Tro’s project forward can be seen as a major nod of approval from the blockchain sector. 

Go9Tro – The Future is Here

For those unfamiliar with the possibilities that IoT technology brings to the table, it’s wise to take a moment to research the current state of the market. Every day, IoT devices expand in their capabilities and overall market reach. Leveraging these systems could help improve the lives of billions of people who live in areas that lack the technical infrastructure to support traditional banking and connectivity services. For now, interested investors can find out more about this unique project’s launch here.