CryptoQuest Announces the $METAD Token Sale.


The team at Bashoswap, a Cardano-based startup, is pleased to announce to the crypto community that it has started private sale whitelist for the early adopters, as it moves to the vision of the roadmap.

The private sale will be done using Nami Wallet, a Cardano-based browser wallet extension. Reservation will start 5 days to the private sale; investors should have at least 20,000 ADA in their wallets to reserve a spot on the private sale.

Bashoswap is a multi-protocol decentralized exchange on Cardano. The project helps you facilitate the swapping of ADA to other Cardano native tokens.

The $Bash Token

Bashoswap has a utility token with the symbol "$Bash." The Bashoswap community can use this token for different use cases, including staking, farming, and voting rights. Token holders will have the opportunity to vote and be voted for. You can click here to be part of the early birds. If you wish to partner with Bashoswap as an early adopter, you can fill the whitelist form.

Bashoswap Features

Non Custodial And Permissionless

Bashoswap is a non-custodial and permission-less project. Liquidity providers will be rewarded for each transaction on the network.

Multiple Protocols – Best Liquidity & Fees

Bashoswap is the world's leading decentralized exchange to use the AMM & Programmable Orderbook Model.

Earn Passive Income On Your Holdings

You can earn passive income for staking your tokens in the liquidity pool. The more assets you stake in the pool, the more money you would make.

Bashoswap Team

Bashoswap parades a team of experienced and competent blockchain experts. The team utilizes the power of blockchain to create a novel and disruptive project that will refine the entire DeFi space.

About Bashoswap

Bashoswap is a decentralized exchange built on top of the Cardano blockchain. At its core, Bashoswap lets crypto enthusiasts to easily swap ADA for other Cardano native tokens. This project intends to bring Cardano-based projects to the limelight, which will have a far reaching effect to the Cardano ecosystem.

Bashoswap will join forces with other existing projects on different blockchains, including the AMM, Unicrypt, PancakeSwap, Staking and LP Token locking model on Uniswap, to revolutionize the DeFi space and create DeFi apps powered by the $Bash token.

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