Cudos Partners with Functionland to Support Decentralized Cloud Solutions


Decentralized cloud-computing network Cudos is partnering with Functionland, a blockchain-attached storage (BAS) provider, to support its decentralized storage networks.Functionland has introduced BAS and peer-to-peer local storage for file and photo safekeeping, challenging the cloud-storage and service-subscription economy. In addition, it creates value by auto-minting tokens for users and allocating a share to the developers.Cudos’ layer-one blockchain network will be utilized for file transactions, peer-to-peer payments and rewards as part of the partnership. Cudos will also provide Functionland with scalable computing from data center servers, gaming computers and mining rigs. Learn more: How blockchain is revolutionizing the world of gamingBlockchain technology enables the transactions and file locations to be recorded. In addition, the computational capacity of these local storage pools will contribute to the Cudos supply network. Commenting on the collaboration, Nuno Perreira, Cudos’ vice president of partnerships, said, “Our partnership with Functionland aligns on the principles of decentralization and democratization. Our applications at Cudo Compute are designed to benefit consumers by utilizing the spare capacity of existing hardware, thereby providing them with a new revenue stream. Functionland, on the other hand, provides consumers with the ownership of storage infrastructure and democratizes access to cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain. They aim to create an open ecosystem for software and hardware developers by offering ‘monetized open source,’ and we are happy to be a part of this shared vision.”Both Cudos and Functionland are challenging the monopoly of the centralized cloud computing giants. While Functionland aims to protect consumers from rising cloud subscription costs and lack of data privacy with BAS, Cudos is building an alternative, sustainable solution to provide near-limitless computational capacity through a distributed network of nodes.  Learn more: United Kingdom regulators to probe cloud giants: how a decentralized network provides an edgeFunctionland CEO Keyvan M. Sadeghi commented, “Functionland is developing Borg, a layer-three blockchain with ‘big.LITTLE’ architecture. The ‘LITTLE’ nodes in a pool are constrained by the central processing unit and storage. Hence, there’s a need for ‘big’ nodes within the same pool to process heavier loads such as validating layer two. Cudos and Borg can synergize by Cudos being a ‘big’ node provider for Borg. In turn, Borg ‘LITTLE’ nodes add extra computing power to the Cudos network. We are excited and honored about our partnership with Cudos, and we believe it will accelerate growth for both companies.”The Cudos Network is gearing toward its mainnet launch and will begin Collins — the final phase of the incentivized testnet, Project Artemis — toward the end of January. Functionland will test the capabilities of the blockchain by deploying decentralized applications. It will also stretch its scalable computing layer and provide feedback to the Cudos computing product team.  Learn more: Cudo Compute at the edge: combining the strengths of blockchain and decentralized architecturesOne can be part of Cudo Compute by joining the free testing period and receiving access to free computing resources.What is Functionland’s Box? Functionland’s Box is a decentralized, privacy-focused, open-source storage and computing solution secured by blockchain technology. It is small enough to fit on your desk, with its low-power hardware running the backend software and acting as a decentralized server. Using the Borg protocol, it exchanges data and files with other nodes. Functionland’s Box will have high-quality free apps, including photo, file and password managers. It will launch soon on Kickstarter, and one can subscribe here to be notified and receive 50% off on launch day.For more:Website, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Discord, Medium About CudosCudos is powering the metaverse and bringing together decentralized finance, nonfungible tokens and gaming experiences to realize the vision of a decentralized Web3, enabling all users to benefit from network growth. We’re an interoperable, open-platform launchpad that will provide the infrastructure required to meet the thousandfold higher-computing needs for the creation of fully immersive, gamified and digital realities. Cudos is a layer-one blockchain and layer-two, community-governed computing network, designed to ensure decentralized, permissionless access to high-performance computing at scale. Our native utility token CUDOS is the lifeblood of our network and offers an attractive annual yield and liquidity for stakers and holders.For more:Website, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Podcast, Discord, Medium