Da Vinci’s Locker NFT Marketplace on Cardano has Launched the Sale of their $DVL Vinci Tokens


davincislocker.io is happy to update the community regarding it’s on-going Private Sale, which started on 5th of April 2022. Visit Sales Page: https://DVL.DaVincisLocker.io to participate in the initial Token offering.In Simple Terms, Da Vinci’s Locker is a Cross Chain NFT Marketplace that will use Atomic Swap/Virtual machines to ensure that DVL (Da Vinci’s Locker) will become the marketplace for all Blockchains where any Individual can turn their Intellectual property into a unique Blockchain Coded Token that cannot be duplicated. Hence users have the security of ownership, which they can sell to anybody on the Marketplace without middlemen, and earn 100% of its proceeds from sales directly to the wallet. Additionally as part of their mandate to deliver financial power to the original creators of Art and intellectual properties on its platform, creators will receive royalties in perpetuity every time their creation changes hands or ownership on their platform.Da Vinci’s Locker missionDa Vinci’s Locker is on a mission to create a Fully Decentralized Native/Cross-Chain and Multi-Functional NFT Marketplace on the Cardano Blockchain, they are on a mission to create a fully decentralized Cross-Chain NFT Platform, where not just digital creators but anybody, any everyday Individual who has produced a sound Intellectual Item can turn their Photos, Ideas, Music, Videos, gif or Paintings into Non Fungible Tokens in just a few easy clicks.Da Vinci’s Locker Token (Vinci $DVL)The $DVL Token is the utility token that will power the Da Vinci’s Locker Ecosystem. It is a Cardano Blockchain Native Token and will be used to carry out transactions on the Da Vinci’s Locker NFT Marketplace:Token Type: Cardano Native TokenToken Name: VinciToken Ticker: $DVLAllocation for Private Sales Round: 250,000,000 (250 Million) $DVLPrice: 1 ADA = 1126 DVLImportance Of the TokensPurchase of NFT: $DVL Token will be used to make purchase of NFTs at a discounted price.Transaction Fees: Transaction fees on Da Vinci’s Locker will be made using Vinci $DVL Tokens.Governance: Holder’s of Vinci Tokens are the only ones allowed to take part in key decision making process in the Da Vinci Locker ecosystem.Exclusive Benefits: Top $DVL Token holders will have exclusive VIP access to special or rare and limited edition NFTs.Adverts Slot Access: If you are a $DVL Vinci Token holder, you will have access to top Advertisement slots on the home page and main page of the Marketplace.Share Holder Benefits: Shareholders are those who hold at least 5% of Sales Stages supply of $DVL Vinci tokens, which are approximately 22,000,000 (22million) $DVL Vinci Tokens. Such holders will have a corresponding percentage of all proceeds gotten from transaction fees and all proceeds and profit made by Da Vinci’s Locker in the marketplace. As such they will receive weekly, monthly or yearly returns and profits in ADA as shareholders.Verification Access: Artists and users who need verification on Da Vinci’s Locker will have to hold a certain amount of Vinci $DVL tokens.NFT Farming: Users will be able to stake given amount of $DVL Vinci Tokens on Da Vinci’s Locker Platform and earn rewards in ADA, $DVL or limited edition NFT’s.How To Buy Vinci TokensStep 1 – First purchase ADA from any cryptocurrency exchange company for example Coinbase or Binance and send them to your Cardano wallet like Yoroi, Daedalus or Adalite wallet.Step 2 – Visit the Vinci Sales Page and send your ADA to the provided wallet Address. Step 3 – After sending ADA, click on the Finish link, and fill out the form to finish your purchase. Step 4 – $DVL tokens will be air dropped to the wallet address used in participating in the Sales, as your address has a unique code to use and receive the $DVL Vinci.  Visit Sales Page: https://DVL.DaVincisLocker.io to participate in the private saleNote: *Ensure to send ADA from only Cardano wallets like Yoroi, Daedalus, or Adalite not from an exchange wallet.*$DVL Vinci Tokens will be air dropped to your wallet within 24hours of sending ADA, we solicit your patience.*You must reach the Minimum ADA required for each sale round to be eligible to get $DVL TokensSocial Media Handles:Telegram Group: https://t.me/DaVincisLockerTelegram Channel: https://t.me/DaVincisLockerNewsTwitter: https://twitter.com/dvlmarketplaceMedium: https://medium.com/@davincislockerYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3JwbijlLHzYB_Ah5u7tvHwContact Info:Organization: Da Vinci LockerEmail: NFT@Davincislocker.ioWebsite: https://davincislocker.io/