DeFi Investment Trend: The Yield Farmers


2020 has actually been a year of opportunities, would you agree?

The global pandemic has halted almost all industries, causing businesses of all sizes to wind up and roll down their shutters.

So where are these opportunities?

Mid 2020 saw the DeFi industry ushering in the first glimpse of opportunity. In one month, the total market value of DeFi increased from US$2 billion to more than US$8 billion. And as we approach the end of 2020, the DeFi crypto market cap has already surpassed US$16 billion.

Its breakthrough is directly related to liquidity mining, with investors taking the initiative in providing liquidity to various DeFi protocols.

Cryptocurrency owners and investors alike constantly provide liquidity to DeFi, are known as “Yield Farmers”.

La Vitesse a DeFi lending platform, has evolved by developing new protocols empowering new participants to get a slice of the DeFi bonanza and its liquidity market returns.

Its concept of providing liquidity is definitely not new, yet as an investor what makes Yield Farming with La Vitesse popular?

There are two main reasons which stood out amongst the rest.

The first reason is its 3 hourly 5% return. If an investor’s crypto is successfully matched with borrowers, it is stated that investors may potentially earn 5% for each 3-hour settlement cycle. This means during a 24-hour period, participants can possibly earn up to 40%.

But could there be an instance where your investment is not matched throughout the 24-hour cycle?

The second reason is its Fund Safe Protection protocol, if an investor’s crypto did not manage to get matched with borrowers during the 8 settlement cycles within the 24-hour cycle, their funds will be pulled out from the liquidity vault and returned to the investor.

With the DeFi market evolving rapidly, there will definitely be more revenue portfolio cases like the La Vitesse community. Let’s leverage on the experiences in 2020 and seize the opportunities in 2021.