Defilancer: Launches Freelancing Platform


The Defilancer team is excited to announce its top-notch DeFi service provider considered the first and biggest marketplace for decentralized finance services. Defilancer is conducting their ICO via pinksale and have followed it up with the Airdrop as well. About DefilancerDefilancer is a freelancing platform built on Binance Smart Contract. The decentralized finance service provider utilized blockchain technology and escrow mechanism to create a fair platform for freelancers and clients.  The team assures freelancers of getting “clients that range from fast-growing startups to global Fortune companies.” The wide range of clients to choose from allows them to spend less time searching for clients and more time working to earn more money.  Freelancers with the following skills and clients who need their services may contact the platform for these: • Logo and banner design.• Discord and Telegram management.• News and article publishing.• NFTs and 3D models artist.• Illustration.• Graphics design.• Packaging design.• Gaming• Character design• App design.• Whitepaper design. • Business card and more. How does it work? Only registered freelancers and clients are allowed to hire or offer services on the platform. However, its registration process is simple. Prospective users can register through the traditional login details generation process or sign in with their digital wallets.Rather than the conventional login details generating process, interested users can connect their digital wallets to the platform and offer their services or hire professionals. According to the team, Defilancer has integrated with DEFILANCER token using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to accelerate Web3 movement.You can choose your favourite digital wallet and connect it to Defilancer for a smooth registration process. The freelancing platform supports external wallets such as MetaMask and imToken.The step-by-step wallet-connecting process is shown below: Sign     a message with your digital wallet to sign in.    From the login screen, select your wallet and accept the signature request. Fund     or debit your wallet automaticallyYour wallet will be automatically funded with tokens you receive from a purchase. If you put your token into the escrow, your account will be debited automatically and the escrow smart contract funded immediately.Append     your signature on requestFor each activity you want to perform on the platform, you must approve the signature request before you can proceed. For instance, the smart contract will request for a singed instruction from your digital contract whenever you want to interact with the escrow such as when marking a paid trade or releasing funds from the escrow.Alternatively, you can adopt the regular login in through a username and password combination if you don’t want to use the digital wallet approach.Benefits of using DefilancerThe team highlighted some of the benefits for clients and freelancers on its platform such as:• Lower transaction fees in comparison with other platforms.• Fair dispute settlement.• Over 20 cryptocurrencies supported.• Secure payment solutions.• No suspension of users’ accounts.• Identity theft elimination.• Unbiased dispute resolution.• Elimination of fake reviews.Token• Token type: BEP20.• Symbol: DEFIANCER.• Platform: PINKSALE.• Total Supply: 750,000,000 tokens.• Presale/liquidity: 60.40% of the total supply.• Locked: 20% of the total supply.• Development wallet: 4.26% of the total supply.• Marketing: 13.34% of the total supply.• Airdrops/team: 2% of the total supply.• Exchange listing: 1% of the total supply.Social LinksTwitter: DetailsCompany Name: DefilancerEmail: defilancer@gmail.comWebsite: