Hits $300 Million Liquidity Provision Milestone and Launches a New Promo

20, an autonomous cross-chain liquidity protocol, has recently achieved a major milestone. The project has managed to provide more than 300 million in liquidity to DEXs, increasing its relevance in the market. This innovative platform is rapidly growing, allowing crypto users to benefit from a more decentralized market.

The latest achievement, combined with a new promotional action, is helping to disrupt the decentralized exchange industry. This platform utilizes a unique algorithm that balances the crypto ecosystem to ensure greater profit for liquidity providers.

The Growth of an Autonomous Cross-Chain Liquidity Protocol Solution is making great strides in the decentralized exchange industry. With more than 300 million provided in liquidity to DEXs, has completed a new milestone in its roadmap. The company has achieved this through its innovative platform and advanced algorithms.

Built on innovative and flexible technology, uses data analysis and optimization techniques to analyze the best market opportunities. The general idea is to reward anyone adding liquidity to decentralized exchanges through’s DeFi interchain product DEX Pool.

The platform has also launched a new promotional action for users. Everyone who registers will receive a 100 XRP deposit bonus, which will be gone ten days later, leaving only the income on balance. This bonus is a simple way to demonstrate how the platform works to every user.

Thanks to these innovative solutions and promotional actions, is now on its way to disrupting the decentralized exchange industry. As it continues to grow, users will be able to benefit from a more decentralized market with greater liquidity options.

Balancing the Crypto Ecosystem with a Smart Algorithm

This platform uses an algorithm to make a crypto liquidity ecosystem. It tracks the prices of different crypto exchanges or deposits and multiplies them by their profits. The algorithm has a price oracle that tracks prices to adjust the direction toward the ideal amount. Lastly, a dynamic fee-determining system helps ensure investors get a fair and balanced return.

In simple terms, this algorithm enables the platform to create a fair and balanced crypto liquidity ecosystem. The oracle tracks prices and adjusts for the ideal amount, while the fee system ensures investors get a fair return. This allows users to make smart and informed decisions when investing in crypto.

About is a Japanese-based project dedicated to providing innovative solutions for decentralized exchanges. It gives the crypto community an autonomous cross-chain liquidity protocol solution to help balance the market with greater liquidity options.

The $300 million liquidity milestone, combined with effective promotional actions, is helping establish as a leader in the industry.The project’s website, providex more information about the project and its solutions.