Digible Welcomes Traders to An Eligible NFT Marketplace Ecosystem


Non-fungible tokens are gradually dominating the digital finance sector as data records an overall market cap of $26,793,451,648. Simply put, NFTs represent digital assets residing on a blockchain network with unique qualities or traits. 

Therefore, Digible looks forward to hosting a marketplace with these types of assets whereby users can sell, auction, or buy physical cards within one ecosystem. Every physical card that traders possess will take the form of an NFT. 

On top of that, Digible also has an NFT marketplace section where traders can sell or access a wide variety of NFTs, without the presence of any physical card. 

Traders in this ecosystem have the opportunity of purchasing and owning collectibles while at the same time eliminating the need to hold these collectibles physically.

Safety Measures, DIGI Token Stats, and Use Cases

Security measures are in place as Digible will store a user’s physical card on DigiSafe, the platform’s security tool. Leveraging DigiSafe enables traders to monitor the details of their valuable cards at any moment. 

$DIGI is the native token that empowers Digible’s marketplace ecosystem. The native token has a total supply of 100 million with an allocation of 10 million to the founding team, 15 million for liquidity pools, marketing strategies receive 10 million, and another 7,5 million is designated for reward programs. 

$DIGI token is not live on any network; however, Digible plans on conducting a presale round on April 22nd, 2021, at 15:00 UTC. Participation procedures will be announced on Medium’s site to accumulate a large number of participants.

Staking options will also be available for users who wish to stake their $DIGI tokens. The staking investment idea seeks to create an incentivized ecosystem where traders can secure rewards generated by the Digible platform.

$DIGI token is also applicable in the yield farming venture as users can add liquidity and receive LP tokens on Uniswap using the DIGI/USDT pair. 

More Features


The NFT marketplace network introduces innovative features to its users, such as DigiGrade. DigiGrade allows traders to analyze and transfer their digital cards to the  physical collectible cards. The PSC solution, which is found near the DigiSafe service, ensures every card is rated before going online on the ecosystem’s marketplace.


Traders on Digible are also guaranteed the ability to control their valuable cards through the DigiTrack solution fully. Users can either choose to store their physical cards on DigiSafe, as mentioned earlier, or sell them after a while to maximize profits.

Every DigiTrack service takes a decentralized approach, and users only need to log in to their wallets with the NFT assets. A user’s NFT will be burned immediately after selling the physical card, hence countering the issue of duplication.


We’ve already established that users can initiate an auction; nevertheless, it is only available for users holding an amount worth 3000 DIGI. If it happens to be an NFT undergoing the auction sale, Digible will simply lock the digital asset as the auction proceeds and deal with any transaction processes involved.


DigiDuel creates a competitive space where users can battle for specific NFTs located in their wallets. It employs a betting approach that involves placing a bet of the NFT and a $DIGI token amount. 

In the final step, users have to choose any preferable color. Traders with the winning color will obtain the losing opponents’ NFT along with the $DIGI betting amount. Out of the total betting amount, Digible will cut a 1% fee, of which 0.3% will be burnt while 0.7% of the fee will be added to the staking pool.

Transaction Charges

Digible charges a 10% fee on any sale and auction procedure within the marketplace. Staking pools will attain 5% from the transaction fees, while the remaining 5% will cater to the platform’s overall operations as it aims to become a sustainable ecosystem.

Presale Details:

Minimum Contribution: 0.1 ETH
Maximum Contribution: 0.5 ETH
Total Raise for Pre-Sale: 300 ETH
Pre-Sale Rate: 1 ETH = 81,666 DIGI
Uni Swap Listing Rate: 1 ETH = 65,500 DIGI

60% of the Presale (180 ETH) will be utilized for liquidity and will be locked for two years.

The sale will be hosted via the website on www.digible.io Further instructions will be given via the Telegram on the day, and an announcement will be made.

The DIGI token will have a total supply of 100M distributed as follows:

  • • Marketing — 10M
  • • Digible Team — 10M
  • • Rewards to Liquidity providers -7,5M
  • • Liquidity locked in Digible Pools- 15M

Team & Marketing tokens will be vested over a 24 month period.

The data gives insight into what we can expect of the Digible platform after its services fully go live. Please be on the lookout for the presale of the DIGI token that is going live on April 22, 15:00 UTC!