Dopex’s Innovative Vape Hardware Steals the Show at Lucky Leaf’s Cannabis Expo in Kansas City


Lucky Leaf, a leading provider of dynamic B2B events for the cannabis industry, kicked off a series of Cannabis conventions and expos on March 24th in Kansas City, United States. The event drew over 100 cannabis companies from across the globe. Among the standout exhibitors was Dopex, one of the providers and manufacturers of top-quality atomization solutions under the auspices of the ICCPP Group

Depox's innovative and reliable vape hardware, coupled with its ability to provide portable, consistent, and affordable solutions for delta-8 consumers, made it a favorite among merchants and consumers alike. The company has recently joined the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), the oldest, largest, and most inclusive trade association representing legal cannabis businesses. 

Dopex’s latest offerings, such as the Haze and Giga under the Delta8Xcel™ series, drew large crowds of enthusiasts who eagerly awaited a chance to experience the products. Both products are equipped with a powerful 400mAh high-capacity battery that ensures an enduring vaping experience, providing users with longer-lasting sessions and greater satisfaction. To guarantee the lasting taste, both products boast a large diameter black ceramic core. Additionally, the hefty 4-5ml e-liquid super large cup capacity meets the user’s long-term smoking needs. 

“Our dedication to technological innovation drives us to improve the user experience at every step,” expressed the representative of Dopex, during the event. “We take pride in our ITO™ proprietary airflow technology and dual air channel design, which enables users to savor the full flavor of their preferred strain.” 

“Our carburetors feature multiple oil chambers strategically placed in a V shape, which delivers a smooth taste and minimizes product waste. Our double draw-activation preheating mechanism eliminates the need for a button and simplifies the user experience.” added the representative.

Dopex uses Gene VUltra™ ceramic heating technology to maintain optimal temperature control, along with a heating element solution designed to preserve flavor and create a powerful vape cloud. The device's preheating feature helps eliminate clogging after repeated use, and consumers can dial in the heating level to suit their intake preferences.

The cannabis convention and expo in Kansas City was a resounding success, and Dopex proved to be one of the standout exhibitors. Moving forward, the industry can expect continued excellence from Dopex as it remains dedicated to providing superior solutions for delta-8 consumers.

About Dopex

Dopex was established in 2022 by ICCPP, a renowned provider and manufacturer of top-quality atomization solutions. From its very inception, Dopex positioned itself as a niche market leader, dedicated to providing innovative and progressive vaping solutions for the discerning cannabis connoisseur. 

Dopex takes pride in its proven capability to innovate, as evidenced by its vast portfolio of over a thousand globally registered patents. Dopex invests significantly in cutting-edge R&D, enabling the company to continue revolutionizing cannabis consumption.