Edge of AI and MOCEAN Co-host Forum with Adobe and USC on Technology’s Implications for Creativity


The Edge Of Company, the company dedicated to empowering the pioneers of Web3, technology, and culture, through immersive events and media will moderate an intimate discussion with media and entertainment industry leaders on AI’s implications for creativity on November 14th. 

The forum will host several industry leaders including Tomasz Opasinki, Creative Technologist AI/ML of Adobe, Greg Harrison, Chief Creative Officer of MOCEAN, and Melady Lab, Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Machine Learning Center at USC. 

Joshua Kriger, Co-founder of Edge of Company and Co–Host of Edge of AI, says, “We’re thrilled to partner with MOCEAN to showcase leading AI pioneers in the Los Angeles area that are progressing the future of creativity while also catalyzing on-the-ground collaboration and producing edutaining content for our global audience of listeners.”

Greg Harrison, Chief Creative Officer of MOCEAN, says, “While AI stands to transform many of the tools and financial models in Hollywood and advertising, there’s a danger in creative and business leaders getting seduced by the promise that AI can lessen or remove the risk essential to great creative work. It’s important to have in-depth conversations about the human role in AI-assisted creativity, to inform and empower the maker community to be part of shaping this new chapter in our industry.”

Held at MOCEAN’s Los Angeles headquarters, the gathering will host 100 of the West Coast's leading minds and executives on media, entertainment, and technology for an evening of robust discussion and intimate networking. The live event will be recorded for a corresponding podcast distributed by Edge of AI and lead off a series of forums around technologies’ impacts on the entertainment, media, and creative industries. 

Event details: https://lu.ma/EdgeAI02

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