EgonSwap DEX– Converging Decentralized Innovation With long-term vision


EgonSwap DEX– converging decentralized innovation and long-term visionEgonSwap is a cryptocurrency exchange allowing members of the Eagle Network community and new users to participate in decentralized finance. Leveraging the latest technological innovations in the blockchain realm, EgonSwapis a Binance Smart Chain-based DEX that enables users to quickly and easily trade one cryptocurrency for another without leaving their own wallets. Overall, EgonSwapputs forward a long-term vision, building for several use cases with a breakthrough rewarding mechanism for individuals worldwide using decentralized systems. Use cases comprise a plethora of functionalities, including trading capabilities, a crypto wallet application, and a Metaverse Game.This platform was launched by the Eagle Network Team on September 23, 2021. Since then, EgonSwap DEX, has acquired approximately 3 million miners behind it. This community grew with organic growth without the team conducting any strategic marketing efforts. Nonetheless, the next step for Egon Swap is to launch a big marketing and advertising campaign to promote an even more progressive attitude. Moving forward, EgonSwap will expand its horizons in October, 2022, launching a novel EgonCoin. For this pursuit, EgonCoin will leverage Elevated Proof of Stake (EPoS) as the hashing algorithm, rather than Ethash, as Ethereum uses, generating seamless and straightforward transactions and near-zero transaction costs.CryptoKara Decentralized WalletCryptoKara, developed by the Eagle Network Community, provides a safe wallet for the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, and TRON. With the CryptoKara Wallet App, you may safely and securely transfer, receive, and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and digital assets.  This is a decentralized wallet in which you retain and control your private keys.Functionalities of EgonSwapBy using EgonSwap, you may trade cryptocurrency in your private wallet or Trading Account and have the new token transferred into your account as soon as it is traded, without any delays! Overall, the platform’s security and reliability are testified by its ongoing audits conducted by various firms such as Certik, TechRate and Cybersecurity.You may trade, stake, farm, and generate passive income with the liquidity provider option, all of which are decentralized, providing you with the greatest degree of safety.EgonSwap Stake is a method of putting your cryptocurrency to work while earning rewards. To stake your crypto assets, you must first commit your crypto assets to the support of a blockchain network, and then you will be paid for doing so. Instead of keeping your cryptocurrency in your wallet, doing nothing and adding no value to it, you may stake it to earn more EGON.Future Developments When the EgonSwap Network achieves maturity, the DAO will oversee all elements of development and governance via a fair voting system in which your voice and vote matter. Also, as part of a user-beneficial incentive scheme, the EgonSwap team is planning a future retroactive award event reward users of the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange EgonSwap DEX. The retroactive reward of 5 million EgonSwap Token is locked which will be distributed before the launch of the EgonCoin Blockchain.EgonSwap Finance will provide project launching pads, delivering unprecedented access to a community of crypto enthusiasts eager to learn about new projects, as a growing number of enterprises seek funding through launchpads. Additionally, a Bitcoin mining browser is being developed.Furthermore, an NFT Metaverse Game is under development, which will be released for participants to be rewarded for their participation in this evolving new world order. At its most immersive, this is a really immersive experience.Current Statistics of EgonSwapAs of April 24th, 2022, the statistics of EgonSwap DEX are as follows:Market Capitalisation: $1,286,037Total Minted: 52,451,580Total Burned: 2,400,000Circulating Supply: 50,051,580Total Value Locked (TVL): $205,431.934Starting now, you may use EgonSwap DEX without any restrictions. There is no need to register or verify your identity, and there is no KYC/AML requirement! All of your money is entirely under your control, and there is no trusted third party engaged in the transaction at any point. Stay up to date with the latest developments of EgonSwap by checking out their digital channels: information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency). News Via Newscall – Pr contact: