ElonJet Wants to Become the Meme Coin of 2022


ElonJet, a fair launched DeFi token, emerged from the story of Jack Sweeney, a 19-year old college freshman tracking Elon Musk’s Gulfstream G650 jet flights. The community-focused coin started its journey after Elon Musk offered Sweeney $5,000 to shut down his private-jet tracking account.

Jack Sweeney countered the offer, asking the SpaceX founder to buy him a Tesla or cough up $50k (£37k) to delete the Twitter bot. The Tesla CEO rejected the counteroffer, grabbing the attention of media outlets worldwide.

The project rewards $ElonJet holders via its autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. 

$ElonJet is the latest gem on Binance network riding high on the meme craze that has gripped the crypto market, giving investors lucrative earning opportunities. 

ElonJet was built by a team of developers not associated with Sweeny, but who are keen to support the Florida-based youngster and gift him a Tesla if $ElonJet hits a market cap of $10 million. 

The new project uses ADS-B data from ADSBExchange to provide updates on the movements of Musk’s private jet on their Twitter page. Besides rewarding holders, the jet-tracking platform seeks to bring attention to carbon emissions from private aircraft around the world.

$ElonJet Enters Coinmarketcap’s List of Top Gainers

Since launching on February 1, 2022, $ElonJet has already knocked several significant milestones as it prepares for flight. The new meme coin was listed on coinmarketcap and pumped +1,569% in less than 8 hours to enter the crypto tracking platform’s list of top gainers. The community-focused token also pumped 100X in 4 days and is now tracked on crypto.com.

In just 72 hours, the jet-tracking project onboarded 2000+ $ElonJet holders and is looking like the next big thing in the crypto’s meme-inspired category. The new BSC gem is well primed to reach its moonshot potential as its experienced team continues to put its master plan together with the community’s support.

Since news of the Musk controversy with Jack hit the headlines, the ElonJet project has grown in leaps and bounds, prompting the Tesla boss to block its Twitter account.

About ElonJet

ElonJet is a multifaceted, community-centric project that allows fans of Elon Musk to track his private jet flights. $ElonJet, the peer-to-peer digital token underlying the new ecosystem, brings the satire of tracking the richest man on his Gulfstream G650 plane into the cryptocurrency sector.

Since its launch, the $ElonJet token has been making waves in the crypto space by leveraging the growing popularity of the ‘meme coin’ phenomena. The protocol boasts robust token ‘Elonomics’ that reward holders through static reflections while simultaneously increasing liquidity on Pancakeswap.

Jump onboard the ElonJet and prepare for takeoff on Musk’s private jet today! To get in touch with the community and learn about the latest meme coin with immense moonshot potential, visit the links below: 

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