FGA Partner’s Tommy Welborn on using the Pecu Novus network to revolutionize the way startups raise funds


As technology continues to innovate and grow, FGA Partners, a private equity firm, strives to partner with the absolute best projects. One of these projects is Pecu Novus. A revolutionary Layer-1 network. This network boasts extremely fast transactions, the ability to scale to over 100 thousand transactions per second, and being completely carbon neutral on top of it all.Tommy Welborn, VP of Digital Assets at FGA Partners explained the significance of the Pecu Novus network.“Our team at FGA Partners are really doing something special here. We’re working with private companies to assist them in tokenizing their projects and companies. This hasn’t really been done in this way before. The alternatives are not anywhere near our offering,” Welborn tells us.There are so many complications with companies trying to raise capital in the traditional ways. The sheer amount of time, effort, and energy required to achieve funding can be a nightmare. Even if the funding is acquired, the headaches don’t stop there. There are still a lot of out of pocket costs, dealing with the investors day to day, dealing with audits, and stressing about more investors to prevent a stop on funds.“Tokenizing a company is a way to get a solid foundation and avoid all of the headaches of trying to raise capital traditionally. We aim to get rid of this barrier of entry and allow companies to be setup in the best way possible,” Welborn said.If a company were to use another network to set up tokenization, not only would they deal with the sluggish transaction times and the higher gas fees, they would have to put millions of their own money in to successfully create a liquidity pool. FGA Partners and other investors are backing liquidity pools for these companies to help build this foundation and eliminate the need for the company to come out of pocket potentially millions just to create the pool. The difference in strategy is vastly different.To stay up to date with Tommy Welborn and his activity with FGA Partners and Pecu Novus, you can follow him on Twitter @ItsTommyWelborn.Tommy Welborn website – www.tommyawelborn.comPecu Novus website – www.PecuNovus.comTommy Welborn Twitter – www.twitter.com/Itstommywelborn