Fish Finance Leverages NFTs To Reward Users Using Play-To-Earn Feature


Fish Finance, a MetaVerse, and NFT platform, has unveiled a new platform that offers users to generate revenue and mint NFTs. The Fish Finance ecosystem comprises the GameFi stable coin, GameFi ventures, blockchain auditing, and the GameFi Launchpad. It’s offering users an opportunity to experience fish racing on the MetaVerse. Fish Finance will be the first GameFi to run on Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Lucky Network.The gaming mechanism comprises a marketplace and fishing rod that enables people to acquire fish. Importantly, it offers everyone six ways to play the game and take advantage of the platform. It is a transparent system where everyone can play to earn, predict to earn, Hodl to earn, make a referral, and become team leaders to receive rewards.According to the platform developer, to participate or play the game, a player must purchase a fishing rod by minting NFT. Based on the probability ratio, the purchased fishing rod catches a fish that comes with a certain rarity level. Players can choose a particular fish to be part of their squad or not. During the race, stamina is a crucial determinant to ensure their fish wins the race; players can take care of their fish by visiting a hospital or using protein potion. The stamina portion can be bought or farmed in the Fish Finance marketplace.How Fish Finance generates different revenue streams Offering users an opportunity to receive rewards has a "predict to earn" system, acting as a ticket pool. It allows FiFi token users to receive a 10% reward, whereas winners in the game can receive a 15% reward. In addition, there is a fundback to losers in prediction and correct predictors getting rewards.The platform allows players to participate in NFT sales through the Fish NFT – feeding or playing the game. Playing the game through the Fish NFT can participate as P2P or PvP to earn the FiFi token. Alternatively, players can acquire the FiFi token to buy a Fishing rod, protein portion, and a level portion to boost their Fish NFT. With this, they can play the game as P2P or PvP to earn the FiFi token. With the FiFi token, investors can hunt seaweed to feed Fish NFT.NFT owners on the platform have a chance to get safelisted when the FiFi token IDO is launched. The CEO indicated that anyone could use NFT to Play to Earn in-game with a cheaper NFT price during the sales event. Furthermore, users can stake NFT to receive the FiFi token.Token Distribution and Offering The total supply of the FiFi token is 8,6000,000,000 with 30% allocated for its play-to-earn feature, whereas 14% is set apart for the Dev and founder. The seed round and private A are allocated %, respectively. 5% of the total supply is allocated to liquidity, with 1% set apart for its strategic partners. The other allocations include 2% for advisors, 11% for the public, 8% for Private B, 8% for marketing, and 3% for a risk reserve fund.Social Media:Twitter: Contact: Company: Fish FinanceContact Name: Harry LeeEmail: harry.lee@fishfinance.ioWebsite: