GankPad: A New Era of Play to Earn


GankPad is the first launchpad with a metaverse built exclusively to help Play-to-Earn (P2E) and metaverse projects with a promise and great team reach interested early stage investors. Beyond creating this crowdfunding environment, the GankPad team also vets these projects and provides an avenue for investors to insure their investment from possible scams, if there is ever a case.GankPad’s vision: Set-up an innovative and safe platform for the P2E industryThe goal is to give investors access to vetted and highly promising P2E and metaverse initial offerings. Beyond vetting to screen out likely failures GankPad also offers worthwhile projects and teams the support they require to survive the fierce competition and unpredictable market that awaits them. At the moment of writing GankPad is the only launchpad that focuses exclusively on the P2E and metaverse markets.GankPad’s mission: Fixing the quality shortcomings of current Launchpad productsAlso sometimes called IDOs (Initial DEx Offerings), Launchpads are the cryptocurrency version of startup incubators. They provide a platform forseed funding and VC-type funds to get in on early cryptocurrency startups. Traditionally, startup incubators provide a healthy base for startups with little experience and need capital to get early-stage investors. Usually, it is more like a collaborative program created to help entrepreneurs succeed, with regard to funding and advisory oversight. Also, they help investors separate viable and legitimate startups from every other thing called a startup out there.In the face of all the hype surrounding the potential of Launchpads, there isyet another major problem preventing this recent cryptocurrency innovation from being widely adopted and that is the experience level of the development teams behind some of them. Also, the level of commitment these developers put into their projects is something that bothers every investor too. What we’re saying is that either some of these developers are entirely half-baked/ inexperienced or that they have different agendas concerning their projects, which in most cases is to rip off investors.GankPad: Why we need a Launchpad for the next crypto big moveThink of Gankpad as the runway to help takeoff what will become the most successful and practical web3 solutions we may ever see.It is simply a breeding ground for the next big trillion-dollar money move inthe cryptocurrency and immersive gaming space. Although there are several Launchpads out there; however, what they do not present is a specialization that caters for new and promising aspects of the market like P2E and metaverse market. GankPad’s sole objective is to prevent another initial offering boom and burst like we saw in 2018.To sum it all up, Gankpad is offering a healthy incubation environment for practical worthwhile P2E gaming, NFT, and Metaverse use cases to thrive beyond the initial market pump and dump phase, which usually spells the end of most Launchpad projects. Gankpad is designed to provide agenda specific benefits to prospective developers and investors, which are:Investor benefits:An Industry-specific Launchpad: We are trying to create this niche-specific incubator for gaming P2E projects. Our goal and focus are to give our users the best buy they will ever find in the P2E gaming categories.Insurance opportunity for Investors: Besides being open exclusively for P2E and metaverse, Gankpad is the first Launchpad with an insurance plan, which allows every investor to pay a premium that insures their investment from scams or bad project actors, which is únlikely.A Strong Security and Team Check Process: GankPad team has a security check routine that goes down the rabbit hole with prospective listings. Starting from a rigorous and thorough contract audit to a deep check into the personnel of the core team’s work history and reputation with previous jobs, projects, and career engagement generally.Routined project development checks: With most launchpads, the process is usually a momentary pump in price and a significant dump after every top-tier investor has made significant returns on their investment. This isn’t really a long-term approach thus their vetting requirement is to present assets that give short-term returns on investments.Developer Benefits:A Strong Marketing Process For Each Of Our Projects: Beyond being a cryptocurrency incubator platform for new gaming tokens we also provide marketing and advisory oversight to make sure our listed projects thrive within the space.Access to our experienced human resource: What often makes long-term token values are a strong product base, which by extension is the result of a dedicated and experienced team working to create and refine use cases.Virtual real estate for developers from GankLand: We are creating a metaverse called GankLand, which will allow our developers’ community to build their solution. GankLand is going to be allotted for free to every listed GankPad project.Exploring GankLand: Creating a Multi-Verse for P2E GamesGankLand will be an immersive 3D gameplay with realistic animation, with AI-powered in-game avatars. The goal is to have a highly interactive virtual real estate where users can interact with each other seamlessly.GankLand an ever-evolving multiverse for developers:All vetted and approved GankPad projects are automatically allowed to upload their gameplay to a granted GankLand. The concept is to give every of our developer’s P2E gameplay a setting to be experienced respectively, by their respective gameplay, all at the same time but in isolation. This is such that each player can switch their experience while in our metaverse.You want to think of the GankLand experience as a virtual multiverse where several gameplay themes will unfold with their own rules at the same time. Imagine a movie set where several movie scenes and themes are unfolding at the same time.Social Links:Telegram: information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency).NEWS VIA Newscall: