Glovarry launches the first non-custodian robust multi-chain NFT marketplace on the Cardano network


Glovarry team is pleased to announce its NFT platform, a next-generational Marketplace, aims to provide a revolutionary mechanism that will change the usability of NFTs by enabling users to create their marketplace without any limited swap alternatives. It intends to take advantage of the security and low gas prices of the Cardano Blockchain.When fully launched, it will be a multichain platform on the Cardano blockchain, making it user-friendly, scalable, and cost-effective. It will be a fully automated escrow service that seamlessly enables users to mint, sell, buy, and swap NFTs for NFTs, tokens, or NFT + tokens.Features of the Glovarry platformThe platform's uniqueness will transform the crypto ecosystem as it will offer a cross-chain NFT-swap. Users can trade and swap NFTs on different blockchains while switching their NFTs between chains effortlessly. In addition, anyone can trade NFTs in a low-fee ecosystem.Furthermore, the platform will also have a staking feature that allows investors to stake their assets. While supporting the network, these investors can reap the benefits of their investment. Furthermore, it enables escrow activities to occur, thereby eliminating any middlemen as the smart contracts will ensure transparent and Permissionless transactions between collectors and creators.Distinctive Glovarry Functions To distinguish itself from other platforms, Glovarry has unveiled its unique functions. According to the Marketing Director, "These functions enhance the platform's uniqueness." However, they are not limited to these functions. They include NFT minting, NFT to Token swap, NFT to NFT + Token swap, NFT to NFT swap, and NFT swap.The Glovarry Token and its utilities The Glovarry token ($GLOV) is a utility token that allows holders to perfect several activities on the Glovarry platform. Holders can use the $GLOV token to stake, mint, swap, provide liquidity, and collect NFTs on the Cardano network. Here is a summary of the Glovarry tokenomics. • Public Sale – 40% (200,000,000)• Team & Advisors – 10% (50,000,000)• Liquidity and Listing – 20% (100,000,000)• Marketing -10% (50,000,000) • Locked Funds – 20% (100,000,000)Overall, $GLOV token holders can use the token to stake on the platform and receive a 25% additional return on staked assets. Holders can use the token to pay for fees within the platform and purchase NFTs. Finally, when the platform becomes a fully decentralized autonomous organization, holders can use the $GLOV token to participate in the governance process.How to purchase the $GLOV tokenThe $GLOV sale stages involve seed, pre-sale, and public sales. To participate, you need to get ADA from any crypto exchange, as the sale will begin on April 16 2022. You have to click the token sale link on the website: which will redirect you to the Glovarry Token Sale page: will need to send ADA to the website provided with the $GLOV token automatically allocated.The Glovarry Future planCurrently, the development team is working on the UI/UX to ensure every feature of the platform works efficiently. Glovarry is the first NFT marketplace that is easy to scale and complete transactions speedily. Anyone using Glovarry can create and build NFT galleries. People can share these galleries with everyone while earning money as NFT enthusiasts.Social Media Handles:Telegram: Info:Organization: GlovarryswapsEmail: Contact@glovarry.ioWebsite: