Gonzaga Bulldogs Men’s Basketball Collaborates with Kiba Inu Cryptocurrency


 The Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball team secured a collaborative deal with the Kiba Inu cryptocurrency token. The NCAA Zags and Kiba Inu partnership showcases one of the first deals between an intercollegiate program and a cryptocurrency in the U.S. Kiba Inu has sponsored numerous international sports leagues, such as the European Cricket League, Udinese Calcio Italian Football Club, and the Odisha Indian Football Club. The deal consists of a flurry of live-game ads for Kiba Inu during the 2022-2033 basketball season and collaborative merchandise between Kiba Inu and the Zags.The adverts for the 2022-2023 Zags basketball season will feature Kiba Inu throughout the McCarthey Athletic Center:LED tunnelLED upper ribbonLED courtside rotation boardCenter-hung scoreboard rotating ringA licensing agreement includes the option for Kiba Inu to create merchandising with the Zags logo. The deal offers visibility to Kiba Inu to an American audience, as it is their first U.S. based partnership.Cryptocurrencies continue to absorb the market share of retail investments and liquidity that traditionally would have gone to the stock market. Amber Foucault, head of product at Cardify, claimed that investors set aside more funds towards cryptocurrencies than in previous years, up from 5% to 25% in 2021. While stocks, IRAs, and other traditional investment opportunities remain options for investors, the financial-tech landscape is ever-evolving. Cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic in the U.S., with debate over regulatory measures to protect novice investors. Any cryptocurrency legislation will have to go through a bureaucratic process. Still, it has not suppressed companies and organizations from taking advantage of opportunities to highlight innovative partnerships, such as the Zags and Kiba Inu.Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball games regularly draw in over 6,000 fans to the McCarthey Athletic CenterFor decades, brands and private corporations have associated themselves with sporting events and leagues, such as the Super Bowl, which commanded over five million dollars for a thirty-second commercial in 2022. As professional leagues and intercollegiate programs welcome new investors and partnerships, the Zags and Kiba Inu deal offers a sneak peek.A spokesperson for Kiba Inu added: "Securing a partnership with the Gonzaga Bulldogs, our first partnership in the U.S., especially with a team that has built a highly ranked and competitive franchise, is such a welcomed and exciting opportunity by the entire Kiba Inu team and community. We lock down partnerships with organizations and teams that share the same competitive grit, which means going out and continually improving each day on your skillset. Whether on the court or developing a set of tools, the edge always goes to the communities that give it their all every single time, which is exactly why the Gonzaga x Kiba partnership is our biggest and most exciting opportunity yet.”Kiba Inu can be purchased using the Binance Smart Chain, the Ethereum Network, and at the time of writing is valued at 58m on CoinMarketCap.References:https://gozags.com/news/2022/4/13/mens-basketball-gonzaga-basketball-partners-with-kiba-inu.aspxhttps://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/20/some-investors-putting-more-money-into-cryptocurrencies-than-stocks.htmlhttps://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/super-bowl-commercials-cost-2022/v9ytfqzx74pjrcdvxyhevlzdStay Informed with Kiba Inu:https://twitter.com/KibaInuWorldhttp://t.me/KibaInuGlobalhttps://t.co/P1cIXxbZ6uEmail: Info@kibainu.spaceThe information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. You must practice due diligence before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrencies.