Great Apes NFT set to launch an APE NFT in the Solana Ecosystem, aims to reshape the NFT field


NFT project Great Apes NFT has announced the launch date for its DeFi and Utility NFT, the presale of Great Apes NFT will go live this month of January, providing Great Apes NFT community with the first highest utility Ape NFT in the Solana Ecosystem. The sale will take place in the Great Apes NFT Launchpad and/or mint pad in the Great Apes NFT official website Prior to the launch of 10,000 collectible with over 200 different original traits by Great Apes NFT, there is an ongoing Whitelist spot for early participants. The Whitelist Spot is divided into two halves that is 500/500 spots; the first spot is the Great Apes Whitelist/Airdrop Spot where the community will fulfil an easy and engaging task and stand a chance of being selected randomly while the second category which is more engaging but easy tasking will feature a refer-a-friend to-get-a-spot criterion. All Whitelist entries will end on the 17th of January, 2022 and winners will be announced after launch. PS: Whitelist Winners announcement date has not been decided yet. Great Apes NFT will feature other beneficial events to reward its community which includes but not limited to; Meme and Art Contest in all Great Apes NFT social Media Channels, Community Giveaway and Holders Reward, Writers and Cartoon Animator Development Series Reward among others. P2E GameGreat Apes NFT Play-to-Earn (P2E) Game will be developed and launched within the Second and Third quarter of the year. The reward for playing is valued by the accounting unit at a summation of over 5,000 Sol, if one is not defeated through the gaming stages. Great Apes NFT has both numerical and professional team strength, with seven (7) team members and other professional expertise, Great Apes NFT promotes team growth and therefore kicks against team disintegration as it will reward its team with 15% from mint as the project grows. All Great Apes NFT collections are unique and represents unique traits.Launch Of P2E GameWith the launch of the Great Apes NFT P2E Game, users can participate arbitrarily in the Gaming Metaverse and will be represented by their NFT collection/avatar for free. Other benefits will include staking, borrowing and lending, which will be introduced prior to the launch of the Great Apes NFT Token (GAN Token). Great Apes NFT focuses majorly on its community and with enough utility to go round it is committed to progression. Great Apes NFT is also the only NFT collection in the Solana Ecosystem that is keen to reward Wildlife Conservation globally and annually. The valuation placed on wildlife and animals generally cannot be overemphasized, since the adoption of the Great Apes NFT project according to the GAN General, Mike was motivated by the promotion of Wildlife and Animal Right. Great Apes NFT believes in the valuation of Wildlife as posterity and not capital.About Great Apes NFTThe Great Apes NFT is a unique approach to how we interact with our on-chain assets and digital collectibles. The Great Apes NFT encompasses all these features but not limited to digital collectibles, an adventure in-game asset in form of NFTS and an explorable virtual world within the Solana metaverse. The Great Apes NFT in its inimitability is backed by an integrated metaverse where users can explore, interact, own, create, battle and earn. In this fictious world users can network the community of Apes and relate in a metaverse of storylines and get Play-to-Earn (P2E) rewards.The Great Apes NFT will feature a multifaceted in-game protocol where users can game in an Ape Colony through the Ape storm, breed, battle and generate rewards while interacting with other Ape Avatars in an exclusive metaverse. In the Great Apes NFT you can explore a new world of on-chain assets playing games and contributing in saving the Ape Colonies. Discord: Twitter: Telegram: Instagram: Medium: YouTube: Media DetailsCompany Name: Great Apes NFTContact Name: Gan Colonel Heze Email: Website: