Hami Launchpad an Investor friendly Platform built For Everyone


Crypto launchpads are platforms that help new cryptocurrency projects get off the ground. They provide various services, such as listing the project on popular exchanges and helping with fundraising. 

Hami is a new crypto launchpad aiming to provide a solution for those wishing to use cryptocurrency daily. We will look at the team’s mission, the services they offer, the project’s roadmap, and more.

What Is Hami?

Hami is a project that uses Blockchain technology to make it easy for anyone to invest in cryptocurrencies. 

Hami also has decentralized crypto projects, which include a marketplace, decentralized exchange, and more. Its ultimate goal is to create its blockchain network. 

Hami will host its Seeding Round A from August 19 to September 8th. Investors interested in Hami can join the Seeding round B on PinkSale from September 1st to September 14th.

The Project’s Mission

Hami wants to create a network that is accessible to everyone. This will make it easy for people to learn about cryptocurrencies and use them efficiently. Ultimately, the team wishes to help with the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

To do this, they focus on making the network easy to use. This way, even those unfamiliar with technology can still participate in crypto. Hami also has low transaction fees, which makes it more attractive for users. 

The team is constantly working on improving the user experience and making it more accessible for everyone.

The Launchpad Feature

A crypto launchpad is a platform that helps projects raise funds by selling their tokens to investors. In most cases, projects sell the tokens through an initial coin offering (ICO) or a security token offering (STO).

If you’re looking to invest in ICOs or STOs, you will likely need to use a launchpad. Crypto launchpads are fundamental in the current market. This article will explore crypto launchpads, how they work, and some of the most popular options available today.

Hami Launchpad’s home page lists the latest tokens trending together with recent projects. It also has a section on recent posts to view the latest news and updates.

On Hami Launchpad, you can find information about popular projects. You can also create your project and submit it for consideration to join the Spotlight section. In this section, you will only find projects that Hami considers legit. 

Furthermore, you may use the platform to verify your identity with a KYC procedure.

You will find different tabs in the “Tokens” section of the Hami Launchpad. First the “Tokens List” tab, where you can find all the different types of tokens available on the Hami Launchpad.

Click on the “Create Token” button to create a new token. You will have to fill in some information about your token. This platform also lets you import an existing token into the system.

Hami Launchpad’s “Smart Lock” section has other appealing features for its users. Specifically, you will find “Locked Tokens,” “Locked LP Tokens,” and “Create Lock.” 

Under “Locked Tokens,” there is a list of all the different types of tokens that are currently locked. 

If you click “Locked LP Tokens,” you can view the same information specifically for locked LP tokens. And finally, “Create Lock” allows you to create your custom lockup period for any token.

These features aim to help users maximize their earnings potential and minimize risk. By locking up their tokens, they can ensure they will not miss out on any potential profits. 

And by creating their custom lockup periods, they can tailor the length of time that best suits their needs.

The “Other Services” button lets you access other opportunities on the platform. For example, you may use Hami to advertise your project to the crypto community. You can also get your project listed on popular exchanges or hire shillers to promote your project on social media.

The project also has a partner program for companies who want to integrate Hami into their products or services.

The team has also recently announced its “Share and Earn” feature. It is a referral program where users can earn BNB as a reward by sharing their referral links with others. 

The amount of BNB that one can earn depends on the number of referrals made and could range from 0.03 BNB to 50 BNB per day.

A Large Ecosystem

The Hami ecosystem does not limit itself to a crypto launchpad. The goal is to build a network of services that simplify how people use cryptocurrency in their everyday lives. 

The first step in this direction is the Hami Wallet, which makes it easy to send and receive cryptocurrency.

The Hami Wallet wishes to be the best-in-class experience for transferring funds and buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It is easy to use and provides a high level of security. 

Hami Network is the underlying blockchain that powers the wallet and enables fast, secure transactions.

Hami Pay is a payment gateway that makes it easy to accept cryptocurrency as payment. Hami NFT is a premium NFT marketplace that allows artists to sell their work globally. Hami Swap is a decentralized exchange that runs on the BNB Chain.

The Hami ecosystem provides a complete solution for those who want to use cryptocurrency in their everyday lives. 

With the Hami Wallet, they can easily send and receive funds. Through Hami Pay, people can accept cryptocurrency as payment. Last but not least, Hami NFT enables users to buy and sell premium NFTs.

Introducing the HAMI Token

The HAMI Token is crucial because it helps the growth of the Hami Ecosystem. Initially, people will use the HAMI Token to transfer money and make payments. This will help keep the ecosystem going, and eventually, it will help the holders. 

Later, when the Hami Wallet is ready, it will include a list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies. 

People will be able to use these currencies to pay for things. Furthermore, the project will reinvest 50% of the fees generated from these transactions into the ecosystem.

The Project’s Roadmap

A roadmap is essential for a crypto project. Roadmap lets investors verify the team’s intentions and the status of a project’s development. Hami has already completed some milestones, such as forming the team and onboarding angel investors. 

In the future, they plan on releasing the HAMI Token. They are also working on releasing the Hami NFT Marketplace, DEX, Wallet/App, and Pay features. All of these milestones are important in helping the project move forward and achieve its goals.

Final Thoughts

Hami is a project with lofty goals and an impressive roadmap. They have completed some critical milestones, such as forming the team and onboarding angel investors. 

They are currently working on releasing the Hami NFT Marketplace, DEX, Wallet/App, and Pay features. Eventually, the HAMI Token will be available to the public.

These milestones are vital to the success of the project as a whole. Check out their website and social media pages (Twitter, Telegram, Facebook) for more information about this upcoming project.