HNC Coin’s Exciting Journey: New Exchange Listing, and a Vision for Real-World Applications


HNC Coin announces on April 26th a new listing on Coinstore exchange.

  • Deposit time: 2024/04/26
  • Trade time: 2024/04/29
  • Trading pair: hnc/usdt

Listing on Coinstore exchange is another milestone of the execution of hnc's 2024 roadmap.

HNC’s Coin first block was created on Feb 8th 2015, initially as a hard fork of Litecoin. On July of 2021 a hard fork took place on the HNC Coin blockchain and was based on the Dash's coin revolutionary blockchain technology, Proof of Service X11 SHA3, which allows HNC coin transfers to be made with maximum security & extremely fast from user to user within 1 second. Up to 10,000 transactions per minute can be executed and the cost per transaction is (0.0001 hnc).

After the ATH of $4,83 on July 14th 2021, and the sudden departure of the previous team head of the project on Nov 2021, the price crashed to its ATL of $0,002 on Sept 10th 2023.

A new team under the management of a Greek Lebanese shipowner is running the project now and focuses on making the HNC Coin the biggest crypto turnaround story ever, by entering the RWA market in the fields of real estate, shipping and tourism and become a mode of payment for goods and services, upgrading and updating HNC Coin at all levels.

HNC Coin now is trading on (hnc/usdt & hnc/eth), on (hnc/usdt), on (hnc/usdc & hnc/btc) and on (hnc/usdt & hnc/btc)  at the price level of $0,03, with a $2,520,000 market cap while the circulating supply is 84M coins, total supply is 90M coins and the Max supply 100M coins. 10M coins are locked on Masternodes for life.

More exciting news are going to be released from HNC’s team pretty soon, stay tuned!  

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