Hololoot’s AR Marketplace and NFT Generator Launch at The End of March 2022


Hololoot is a pioneer in the crypto industry introducing the world’s first Augmented Reality (AR) NFTs generator, Marketplace, and Metaverse. 

The project aims to foster the widespread adoption of NFTs and AR technology by developing an ecosystem that integrates multiple features. The offerings include an NFT Marketplace, cloud-based AR NFT Generator, NFT Launchpad, and immersive Metaverse. 

Hololooters will soon have a taste of the upcoming AR NFT marketplace, which is the first actual product in the Hololoot ecosystem. Scheduled to go live at the end of this month, the Marketplace allows users to collect rare and unique digital assets developed by the platform’s partner projects and brands. 

Crypto lovers will soon be able to use their $HOL, the native Hololoot token and primary currency for the Marketplace, to bag unique and valuable AR NFT collectibles.

The upcoming in-app Marketplace is very much a staged development that will pave the way for bigger and better things. Initially, the intuitive Marketplace will function as an NFT store where crypto and gaming enthusiasts can collect and hold exciting partner drops. 

Some of the functionalities available in the initial stages include multi-chain compatibility for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the ability to sell NFTs in leading third-party markets such as OpenSea.

Shortly after, the team will introduce P2P transactions in Q2 of 2022, marking the first major upgrade that transforms the platform into a complete Marketplace. In the immediate wake of the P2P functionality integration, anyone will be able to mint, buy and trade AR NFT assets from 3D models available via Hololoot’s cloud-based service without 3rd party providers.

Hololooters can look forward to lucrative and intuitive farming options that allow investors to collect awesome rewards and sick AR NFT airdrops. 

The Hololoot AR Viewer Is Open for Public Testing

The Hololot team is working hard to roll out the NFT AR viewer, a powerful tool for AR-enabled digital collectibles set to be the crown jewel of the entire ecosystem. The new addition to the Hololoot suite allows gaming and NFT enthusiasts to enjoy a first-hand experience of the AR NFT Metaverse. 

Users looking to contribute to the development of the powerful app and help bring 3D assets of the Metaverse into the real world can join the beta by following this link.

The product introduces the first version of the AR Metaverse that should excite the crypto and NFT community. Users can load, view and manipulate AR virtual assets as if they were right there with them. The innovation leverages a proprietary AR tech stack to bring the virtual universe to life and pave the way for new experiences such as real-world questing.

Using the pioneering AR Metaverse NFT Generator, Hololooters will have the capacity to mint incredible AR-enabled 3D assets that they can view, trade, and interact with in real-world settings. 

The tech leverages the over 1 billion AR-ready devices to empower anyone to seamlessly generate AR NFTs, which they can trade, play with, and earn rewards in engaging P2E games. 

The Ultimate Destination for any AR NFT

Hololoot is committed to delivering the world’s first fully self-service AR NFT Marketplace. The team will integrate advanced features designed to benefit developers, advertisers, gamers, designers, and everyday users to make this a reality.

One of the pioneering offerings lined up for release at the end of Q1 is the preliminary NFT auctions feature. The product opens the door for the rollout of Hololoot’s Launchpad that will host Initial NFT Offerings (INOs).

The upcoming offering from Hololoot is set to become the greatest NFT Launchpad in the crypto sphere. It creates a platform where NFT creators can showcase exclusive collections. Users will be able to purchase the lottery tickets using $PIXEL, the internal rewards currency of the ecosystem.

$PIXEL holders can exchange their tokens for an INO whitelist lottery to grab rarer and more valuable NFTs from a wide-ranging network of partner projects. The Hololoot team plans to deploy other important smart contract features to create an unprecedented NFT economy that benefits all participants.

Some of the additions to the Marketplace include code that controls bids and bid cancellation and functionality to allow projects to whitelist wallets for NFT drops. These features will ultimately create a more complete version of the Marketplace and transform $HOL into a fully-fledged currency with increased utility in the ecosystem.

Furthermore, the innovative AR NFT provider is looking to venture into an exciting new frontier of NFT rentals that facilitates the lending of user-generated assets. 

Powered by $HOL and $PIXEL, the rental area allows owners to wrap and loan their NFTs to other wallets for a preset period. They can then receive the original after smart contracts automatically burn the unused collectibles.

Realising the Full Potential of AR Technology

The Hololoot ecosystem seeks to offer much more than a simple AR viewer; it creates a game-changing venue where imagination meets reality. The dev team aims to deliver a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers NFT collectors, gamers, and everyday users to generate a non-fungible token and interact with it in a real-world scenario.

The Hololoot ecosystem should begin taking shape with the fun additions to the AR Metaverse scheduled to occur well into Q3 of this year. The developments coming down the pipe will free the NFT movement, grant users access to AR NFT launches, and create a direct bridge between the virtual and reality. By integrating innovative approaches that allow for quick and easy AR NFT generation, Gamefi, unprecedented AR utility, Hololoot is well primed to take a front-row seat in the emerging multi-billion dollar Metaverse market opportunity.