Introducing $NNN: A No Purpose Token With Huge Moonshot Potential


$NNN is a new token that has no purpose, no community, and no potential. The project is designed to be ironic but honest, serving as an eye-opener to the reality of numerous altcoins that promise to reach the moon but never deliver.

The crypto space is flooded with numerous pointless Shiba-Inu based coins pumped by Elon Musk and other influencers. These coins offer investors dreams of becoming millionaires out of nothing but rarely ever reach their goals.

The $NNN token thrives on the idea of no purpose. The honesty behind the concept, which doesn’t offer any pipe dreams to holders, flies in the face of the multiple meme coins that promise investors a ride to the moon.

The token creators see no purpose in many things happening, such as fiat money that has led to massive hyperinflation. They decided to develop a token that embodies the idea of “no purpose.” 

Unlike all the purposeless altcoin popping up around the world, the$NNN token has enormous potential to grow due to its honest and ironic approach; it may emerge as the only coin meme that touches the moon. 

A Look at the $NNN Smart Contract

The no purpose token fairly launched on November 17, 2021, on the Binance Smart Chain with a market cap below $30K. The Smart Contract integrates the anti-whale-dump mechanism to ensure that a single address cannot hold more than 1% of the token supply. 

Moreover, the project has an excellent economic model that takes 10% fees from each transaction. 5% goes to liquidity, while the remaining 5% is used for reflection rewards to token holders, with a small portion going to the burn address.

So far, the project has burned 17% of tokens from circulation, boosting the $NNN token’s moonshot potential. The smart contract is renounced, making it impossible to change any parameters. 

Why $ NNN Stands Out

$NNN is a low cap gem with tremendous upside potential. Unlike all other meme coins in the market that give users false hope of making a fortune, the project intends to create a new movement based on no purpose. 

$NNN has no community and no social networks except the fan-made ones. The token is designed to be funny yet true, exposing all other crappy altcoins that people are willing to bet on based on empty promises. 

$NNN is honest in that it offers no guarantees; it rides on the theme that some folks within the crypto community are willing to support the great idea being the project and maybe create a new meme type.

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